Tuesday, 31 July 2012


Took another journey across the border (well, the Tamar Bridge) into Cornwall the other day and found a lovely little lager from the St Austell Brewery.
Korev. It may sound like a Lithuanian power electronics outfit or a Polish midfielder from the 1980's but it is in fact a traditional Cornish word meaning beer. (Pronounced cor~eff). It has (apparently) taken the brewers of St Austell 160 years to perfect this lager using ingredients only grown locally, and it is probably worth the effort! A very fruity and smooth drink with a hint and hue of honey. Goes down very smooth, and only 4.8%. A 500ml bottle goes for around the £2.20 mark so if you're down this way (the brewery has pubs and inns littered across Devon & Cornwall) just lean over the bar and check if they have a few bottles of Korev in their fridge, you'll find it worth the look.
Alternatively it can be bought via their website www.staustellbrewery.co.uk but who buys beer online?

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