Sunday, 13 December 2015

MuhMur Radio SoundArt Broadcast : 10/12/2015.

This is the last programme of 2016, it is also a pre-recorded programme. Work commitments meant I couldn't make it to Dartington and the SoundArt Studio, so I gave a trio of recordings to Engineer Dave Mutch and he compiled the two hours.
Pre-Recorded means that I can play extended tracks, tracks that are 40+ minutes, tracks that don't have to be sat and watched (timer wise) just tracks where you can sit back and enjoy. Hence "Talking To A Dead Queen" by Leif Elggren - a beautiful 63 minute piece and a rare live recording of Tactile.

Back in the late 1990's myself and a chap called Mick McDaid decided to create a label to release limited run CDr's under the moniker of "The Mouth Label". I was a member of Dieter Müh and Mick ran Outsider Records so MoUtH seemed to fit. The history of the label is well documented in this blog and the project ended after only 3 releases. Tactile live at Stockholm Fylkingen was a projected release but the label ran out of steam. The other day whilst searching for some old Dieter Mūh tapes I found the Tactile "master".

01: Leif Elggren : "Talking To A Dead Queen" (Fylkingen Records) 1996.
02: R.Y.N. : "Creation Of Infinity" (Not On Label).
03: Tactile : "Live At Fylkingen, Stockholm. 17-01-1998" (Not On Label) 1998.

There will be a 4 hour MuhMur Radio Festive Holiday Special at the beginning of 2016, and live broadcasts resume on the 7th of January 2016. Please keep an ear and eye out on the MuhMur Radio Facebook page or twitter feed.
(Copy & Paste).

Friday, 27 November 2015

MuhMur Radio SoundArt Radio Broadcast : 26/11/2015

This could well be the last "live" broadcast of 2015. For the second time this year MuhMur Radio had a "guest programme maker". Mathew F. Riley built the playlist and played the records (and odd CD) for the night. Mathew is the former editor of 1990's magazine "Music From The Empty Quarter" and creator of "Immerse" magazine. Mathew now lives and works in Devon. Please copy & paste.
The next programme will be on the 10th of December and will be pre-recorded. Details to follow. Also in the pipeline is a 4 or 5 hour Xmas Special, again details will follow - please kep an eye on the MuhMur twitter page and Facebook profile.

01 : Richards Chartier : "Static Forms" (Materialverlag) 2015.
02: Michael Northam : "When Inaccessible" (And/OAR) 2015.
03: Asmus Tietchens : "Ornament 4" (Line) 2015.
04: Sam McLoughlin : "Crazywell Pool" (Devon Folklore Tapes) 2015.
05: Howlround : "Mount Shock" (The Fog Signals) 2015.
06: Howlround : "A Viewless Sea" (The Fog Signals) 2015.
07: Egisto Macchi : "Il Sahara" (AYNA Records) 2015.
08: Julian A. Lacroix : "The Death Of Gudea" (Upside Down Recordings) 2014.
09: Gabriel Saloman : "Gaguku" (Shelter Press) 2015.
10: Carl Michael Von Hauswolff : "Cementerio Del Norte" (Auf Abwegen) 2015.
11: Pietro Riparbelli : "Senza Forma" (Dirter Promotions) 2015.

01 : Playlist.
02: Mathew, in the darkness and amongst the vinyl. Soundart Studios.

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Notes From The "Popside" #7

After last seasons debacle of trying to watch Torquay United take on Lincoln City at Plainmoor, 2 attempts before third time lucky and then Lincoln City losing out to an obvious "off-side" goal, I did promise to never enter through the gates of Plainmoor again. Unless (of course) Lincoln City failed promotion and they meet in the 2015/16 season or Torquay United draw Nottigham Forest in the FA Cup. All this can be read about in "Notes From The Popside #6". (

Saturday November 21 was a gloriously sunny day on the English Riviera, and it hadn't rained since Thursday- there was no postponing this game due to a waterlogged pitch. Gloriously sunny and freezing cold. Torquay United have changed managers since I was last here, and a lot of the playing / coaching staff have left as well. Torquay United are a club in financial crisis and perhaps this is why it cost me £18 to get through the gates. Luckily children under 11 got in free.
It was good to see Lincoln City in their regular red & white stripe kit, taking me back to the days when I used to watch them "on the Bank" in the 1970's. I was never LTE, but I was there. They played some good football, they seemed to have a "game plan" which is more than could be said for Torquay United. Lincoln City seemed to play it on the floor, keep the ball moving whereas Torquay were quite happy to "Hoof n' Head" the ball. Unfortunately the Torquay keeper had a nightmare of a game. Dan Lavercombe. Nervous and slow, and whoever told Shepherd Murombedzi he could play football must've been drunk. He had the touch of the Sterling's about him. Ran with the ball, a few step overs to slow the pace and then either forget the ball, or forget what he was supposed to do with it. Terrible to see at this level.
Lincoln City were worthy winners. 3-1, with a brace from Luke Waterfall and a great shot from (my) Man Of The Match Liam Hearn. One thousand one hundred folk watched this, with one hundred and seventeen making the journey from Lincoln. Next time this game happens, I'm in the "away end".

I enjoyed myself so much I might go to Plainmoor again this season.

1: £18!
2: What is "Rock Soud"?
3: Midfield action.
4: Oscar (in Red) and his mate Cameron.
5: More Midfiels action.

Friday, 13 November 2015

MuhMur Radio SoundArt Radio Broadcast : 12/11/2015.

I should have opened the programme with "Stormy Weather", it was blowing a gale and clearing the trees of their leaves. Public transport disrupted due to burst gas mains and fallen trees. Thanks to Tamsin (Mrs. MuhMur) I made it to the studio on time. "The show must go on".
Tonights programme featured an hour (or so) of material from Osaka based artist Kazuya Ishigami. Back in the 1990's I used to correspond with Kazuya, trading Dieter Mũh Cdr's and tapes for his work as Daruin and compilations he released on his Neus-318. Movement and time and correspondence fell by the wayside, and then Kazuya wrote via this blog thanking me for a Daruin "review" of sorts …

More information about the work(s) of Kazuya can be found at the following links. Please copy + paste : and the Neus 318 label :

Also in "the mix" are two singles released on the same day by 4AD Records, Mass & Modern English. Both still sounding fresh after 35 years!
Please copy + paste : I hope you enjoy.

01: Bokor : "Melbourne (Daruin Re-Mix)"  (Neus-318) 1999.
02: Kazuya Ishigami : "Story Of Assaji"  (Neus-318) 2009.
03: Billy? : "MI1"  (Test Tone Musik/Neus-318) 2012.
04: Kazuya Ishigami : "Electroacoustic Work (Remix)"  (Not On Label) 2015.
     (Piece exclusively produced for MuhMur Radio,)
05: Billy? : "MIK"  (Test Tone Musik/Neus-318) 2012.
06: Ø : "Mikro Makro #C"  (Noton/Rastermusik) 1997.
07: Cheapmachines : "Quiet Trade #3" (Strange Rules) 2015.
08: Hula : "Ignoring The Famine"  (Red Rhino Records) 1982.
09: The Conet Project : "Phonetic Alphabet-NATO"  (Irdial Discs) 1997.
10: Emaciator : "Premontion"  (Not Not Fun Records) 2008.
11: Mass : "You & I"  (4AD Records) 1980.
12: Modern English : "Gathering Dust"  (4AD Records) 1980.
13: Thee Majesty : "Thee Nature Ov Control"  (Blossoming Noise) 2007.
14: The Tards : "Wind-Up Doll"  (Sympathy For The Record Industry) 1995.
15: Kazuya Ishigami : "Senritsunokami"  (Neus-318) 2015.

The next programme will be on November 26 and feature a special "Guest Mix" from Mathew F. Riley.  20:00 gmt -

01: Playlist.
02: Kazuya Ishigami CDR.
03: Kazuya Ishigami.

Friday, 30 October 2015

MuhMur Radio SoundArt Radio Broadcast 29/10/2015 :

Dark nights at the studio, Glowing orange lights floating outside the window. Last nights programme was a selection of sounds from my collection. The old cassette machine has been replaced with a new Denon model. Excellent - more cassette plays to come.
The next programme is on November 12 and will feature exclusive material from Kazuya Ishigami.
Please take a listen, comments always welcomed : (Copy & Paste) :

01: Artificial Memory Trace : "Scene 13 - Daytime Rainbirds" (Monochrome Vision) 2011.
02: Stephen Cornford : "Migration #2" (Rumpsti Pumsti Edition) 2015.
03: Andrea Borghi : "Vetrale #2" (Observatoire) 2013.
04: Resgestae : "Technoscience, Whither Do We Go?" (Force Majeure) 2015.
05: Splintered : "Outpost" (Pitsbull Records) 1994.
06: John Foxx : "Miles Away" (Metal Beat/Virgin Records) 1980.
07: Family Fodder : "Dazomo" (Fresh Records) 1981.
08: BBBlood : "Xinbad Rapid" (Not On Label) 2015.
09: No Intention : "Good Intentions" (I Dischi Del Barone) 2014.
10: Grey Park : "Juri Gasolin" (Not On Label) 2003.
11: Shining Vril : "Of Coin & Ruin" (Old Europa Cafe) 2008.
12: Ultravox! : "I Want To Be A Machine" (Island Records) 1977.
13: Shine On Me : "The Sea Cannot Be Seen From Here" (Neus-318) 2011.
14: Stephen Cornford : "Migration #3" (Rumpsti Pumsti Edition) 2015.
15: Stephen Cornford : "Migration #4" (Rumpsti Pumsti Edition) 2015.
16: Emaciator : "Ruined (Side B)" (Morbid Tapes) 2007.

01: Broadcasting.
02: Playlist.
03: Orange light.

Saturday, 17 October 2015

MuhMur Radio SoundArt Radio Broadcast 15/10/2015 :

Tonights programme features a twenty minute piece from Swedish Occultist / Author / Sound Artist Michael Idehall. I have been listening to Michael since he released the "Sol" cassette on Belaten in 2012. I am quite honoured that he recorded a piece and entitled it "MuhMur" especially for the programme. More on Michael's work can be found here : (copy & paste).
I ended the broadcast with a couple of pieces that involve the recently departed John Murphy.
Please take a listen :
Also in the mix is a track by Kazuya Ishigami. November 12 programme will feature an exclusive piece from Kazuya.
Next programme will be on October 29.

Playlist : 
01: Tibetan Red : "Kalahari Frire Birth" (Gràcia Territori Sonor) 2000.
02: Kazuya Ishigami : "The Great Hermit" (Neus-318) 2011.
03: Clock DVA : "Psychoactive Magnetic Fields" (Vinyl On Demand) 2015.
04: Erdlicht : "Erstes Licht" (Licht Und Stahl) 2009.
05: The Cure : "All Cats Are Grey" (Fiction Records) 1981.
06: Current 93 : "LashTal" (L.A.Y.L.A.H AntiRecord) 1984.
07: Aqua Dentata : "Untitled" (Not On Label) 2015.
08: Michael Idehall : "MuhMur" (Not On Label) 2015.
     (piece exclusively recorded for MuhMur Radio).
09: Clock DVA : "Subliminal Suggestion" (Vinyl On Demand) 2015.
10: Current 93 : "The Mystical Body Of Christ In Chorazaim (The Great In The Small)"
                             (Durtro) 1992.
11: John Murphy (Shining Vril) : "Rose Garden" (Edizioni Passarotto) 2013.

Monday, 12 October 2015

John Murphy 1959 - 2015

I was kind of knocked for six today when I read about the death of John Murphy. I am saddened. I knew John, not too well, but I knew him and we laughed and chatted and drank beer whenever we met.

I first met John in 1983 when he was touring as part of S.P.K. The "Metal Dance" tour of the UK. Manchester Hacienda. I kind of followed S.P.K. around on the tour and ended up being some kind of unpaid "roadie". Unfortunately when they played towns and cities where I had nowhere to stay (a friend's floor etc) I stayed in the same hotel room as John and the S.P.K. bassist Derek. I don't think either liked the arrangement. I slept on the floor, the uninvited guest. The first time this happened, just as I was settling down for some sleep, John holding a tube of toothpaste, told me that when I closed my eyes he was going to "shove this tube of toothpaste up my arse", which kind of "broke the ice". It was a great tour with John and Derek and Dave Kenny on the mixing desk.
The next time I met John I reminded him of the "toothpaste" incident and he laughed and apologised. On that occasion (February 2001), Dieter Müh were supporting John's latest project Knifeladder. We supported Knifeladder a couple of more times and it was always a pleasure to see John. After one gig we went back to Lloyd James's house and spent the night chatting away.  I questioned John about his time with Shriekback. John had played with them all … Whitehouse, The Associates, Current 93, Nurse With Wound, Death In June. Fascinating tales of London in the early 1980's.
Recently I met John in Berlin, at the NK Gallery. He was drumming with Jordi Vall's Vagina Dentata Organ. We caught up,  and as ever John was talking about a variety of projects he was involved with … and he was instrumental in getting Dieter Müh a gig at the NK in 2013.
And now I shall never see John again.

The picture above is taken from the 1983 tour (not by me), I don't know which venue but it is as I always remember him, this is how John was when we first met.
A sad loss.

Friday, 2 October 2015

MuhMur Radio SoundArt Radio Broadcast : 01/10/2015.

Tonights programme was built around the 70 minute mix "En To Pan" by Thomas Ekelund, and features only Swedish projects. I asked Thomas to provide "something" for the radio programme and he kindly provided "En To Pan" a mix of ritualistic, occult, dark ambient magickal mastery. I have tried to playlist the programme to the best of my abilities but a lot of what Thomas played I remain blissfully ignorant!
Copy & Paste :

01: Arkhe : "Softets Hus" (Cipher Productions) 2015.
02: Ättestupa : "Vattnet Drog Sig Tillbaka, Stenarna Blev Synliga (Side B)" (Järtecknet) 2015.

      Thomas Ekelund "En To Pan"
03: Unknown Artist.
04: Herman Kropp : "Umbilical Cord Strangulation"
05: Metgumbnerbone : "Death" (Nekrophile Records) 1985.
06: Unknown Artist : "Chung-Võ-Diēm Parts 1 & 2.
07: Alone In The Hollow Garden : "Dharmata" (Red Cavity Records) 2015.
08: Unknown Artist : "Shiva Full Moon Ritual".
09: Dernière Volontė : "Der Kinder Nacht" (Hau Ruck!) 2000.
10: Normand Edmons : "Kingdom Come".
11: Huun-Hur-Tu : "Oske Cherde" (Shanachie) 1993.
12: Halo Manash : "Feast On The Bitter Fluid-Flowing Through The Lips Of Her Vulgar Womb-
                                 Ingest Inebriate Initiate" (Aural Hypnox) 2008.
13: Unknown Artist : "Seto Gompa".
14: Arnica : "Una Bestia Astada" (Percht/Soliferro) 2014.
15: Trial Of the Bow : "The Promise" (Release Entertainment) 1997.
16: Kara Ool : "Chant. Rec. Kysyi" (Supposé) 2007.
17: Tvlpa : "Schechiriron Sabbath" (Belzebez) 2015.
18: Current 93 : "Fields Of Rape" (L.A.Y.L.A.H. AntiRecords) 1984.
19: Wardruna : "Fehu" (Indie Recordings) 2015.
20: Teeraal Räum Pheynix : "En To Pvan".
21: Les Joyaux De La Princesse : "Adieu Chèrie" (Les Joyaux De La Princesse) 2006.

22: Karmanjakan Intonarumori : "Pseudocircular Downer (Parts 1&2)" (KI Produkt).
23: Altar Of Flies : "Texel And Oxford Donn Part Two" (777 Was 666) 2015.


Saturday, 19 September 2015

MuhMur Radio SoundArt Radio Broadcast 17/09/2015.

On Friday 26th September 2014 the lovable polymath known to us as John Several (aka. John ‘Evil E’ Everall) sadly passed away just 10 weeks after being diagnosed with terminal cancer. 

John made a significant contribution to the creation, promotion & sharing of emerging new sounds. From his early experimental noise compositions with tape loops/tone generator and the fanzine ‘Spreading the Virus’, John  continued to approach the avant-garde with a punk ethos. As the boss of Sentrax Corporation, gig promoter and writer for MFTEQ, The Wire, etc. he  demonstrated a selfless generosity and enthusiasm for bringing unknown sounds & unrecognised people together. 

                                 The above comes from the Sentrax Corporation website.

This broadcast is dedicated to John. I feel honoured to have counted John as a good friend. I know him for around 10 - 11 years after being introduced at one of his Harcourt Road gatherings in 1989. The last time I saw John was on millennium eve at a party hosted by Martin Cooper. (Mr. O'Bollocks). I seem to remember John was dressed as a rabbit, a giant Harvey moving between rooms dispensing wit and wisdom and dispensing of any alcohol that was left on surfaces … I was on a mixture of cocaine, ecstasy and hash that night hugging a litre bottle of home mixed vodka and coca-cola so of course none of this may have happened …..
Like all good friends who "disappear" I thought about John, wondered about him … his whereabouts and activity. Rumours came through … Tactile releases happened … John seemed to OK, and then I played a gig in 2012 at The Chameleon Arts Centre in Nottingham and was given a piece of paper with John's phone number on it. 12 years after we last spoke telephone conversations became a regularity, phone calls that would last for at least an hour. John was enthusiastic, restarting Sentrax Corporation and Tactile. 
The last time I spoke to John was in July 2014. I miss him, and so this programme is for him and the time we spent together. There are some Tactile pieces as well as Blind Amongst The Flowers, a band John played bass guitar for in the late 1980's. The Soviet France piece comes from the "What Is Not True" CD and was recorded at Nottingham Old Vic in 1993, a gig that John and his (then) partner Teresa organised. Lull were support. There are records that we used to shout over and jump about to when we had evenings around his place in Worcester Road (Woodthorpe) and some sounds from his friends. 

The final Tactile release "Deep Immersion Electronics" will be released as a double LP on Sentrax Corporation on September 26th. Pre order here :

01: Nocturnal Emissions : "Ophiccus Rises!"
02: Nocturnal Emissions : "Retrovirus".
03: Nocturnal Emissions : "The A.I. Man".
04: Nocturnal Emissions : "Blue Pollution".
05: Nocturnal Emissions : "Transgression".
06: Nocturnal Emissions : "Bring Power To It's Knees".
07: Nocturnal Emissions : "No Separation".
     ( All tracks from the CD "Mort Aux Vaches" (Mort Aux Vaches) 2000 ).
08: Tactile : "Incubation" (Sentrax Corporation) 1996.
09: Scorn : "Soleil Noire" (Dying Earth Records) 1993.
10: Soviet France : "Public Service Announcement" (Charrm) 1993.
11: Coil Vs. Eskaton : "First Dark Ride" (Eskaton) 1994.
12: Michael Prime : "Rotifers" (RRRecords) 1993.
13: Blind Amongst The Flowers : "Back In The South" (Snarling Red) 1987.
14: Public Image Limited : "Graveyard" (Warner Brothers Records) 1990.
15: A Certain Ratio : "Thin Boys" (Factory Records) 1979.
16: Tactile : "The Unspeech Of Angels" (Else Product) 2005.
17: Throbbing Gristle : "Mother Spunk" (The Grey Area Of Mute Records) 1993.
18: Whitehouse : "Her Entry" (Susan Lawly) 1994.
19: Project DARK : "Tongue And Groove" (Outsider Records) 1997.
20: Crass : "Shaved Women" (Crass Records) 1994.

Please copy & paste : and feel free to comment. Next broadcast is on October 1 at 20:00 (gmt) and will feature a special 70+ minute mix by Thomas Ekelund of Belaten / Trepaneringsritualen.

Friday, 4 September 2015

MuhMur Radio SoundArt Broadcast 03 / 09 / 2015.

Back to broadcasting on a Thursday evening after the Bank Holiday (Harbinger Sound) special. I included the Zoviet*France & Fossil Aerosol Mining Project track that came as a download with the "Flexible Pooling" 7" Flexi disc as well as the John Duncan piece "Stay Alive" from the new Phantom Plastics 7" Flexi on Gerauschmanufaktur Records. Also included the mammoth "War Has Come Home" piece. A piece based around the events of 9/11 and its' aftermath.
Copy + Paste :

Next programme will be on 17th September at 20:00 GMT.

01: Zoviet*France & Fossil Aerosol Mining Project : "Apeture Apparent" (Alt Vinyl / /Baltic) 2015.
02: Phantom Plastics : "Stay Alive" (GerauschManufaktur) 2015.
03: Jürgen Ecklohn & Stea Andreasson : "War Has Come Home" (90% Wasser) 2006.
04: Kostis Kilymis : "The Ghost In The Typewriter" (Rekem Records) 2015.
05: Aaron Dilloway & Jason Lescalleet : "Building A Nest (Side A)" (Hanson Records) 2013.
06: Circuit Breaker : "Muted Consistencies" (Harbinger Sound) 2015.

Monday, 31 August 2015

MuhMur Radio SoundArt Radio Broadcast : 30/08/2015.

A programme that has been in the planning for about a year or so finally came to broadcast yesterday when Steve Underwood commanded the turntables of a MuhMur Radio show. Steve packed a box full of his favourite 7" singles (with a couple of albums  - just in case the show was "under-running") and headed down from Nottingham to play them.
Apologies for all the folk who thought this was to be a Harbinger Sound programme with a selection of the great label's output or a programme of Sleaford Mods out-takes, or even a show where I interview Steve about his life & times and 20 odd years at the helm of Harbinger Sound, that was never the case. I just asked Steve to fill the three hours any way he wanted.

Thanks go to Chris for sitting in as producer type guy and making certain it all ran smoothly, to the White Hart for the beer and of course Steve for a great programme.

01: The Agitators : "Alien Sketch" (Redball Records) 1979.
02: The Agitators : "Johny W." (Redball Records) 1979.
03: The Agitators : "Fat Boy lager" (Redball Records) 1979.
04: The Agitators : "The Very Reverend 'Slow Talking' Jack Ruby" (Redball Records) 1979.
05: The Agitators : "RASCLAAT" (Redball Records) 1979.
     (All tracks taken from the "Bound & Gagged With A Length Of Rubber Tubing" EP).
06: Pre Fix : "Underneathica" (Subterranean Records) 1981.
07: Der Spielverderber : "Spielverderber" (Zick Zack Records) 1980.
08: Pulp Music : "Low Flying Aircraft" (Pulp) 1982.
09: Dix Denny/John Denny : "Adulthood" (Numbskull) 1979.
10: Zyklon : "Part Time" (Grim) 1981.
11: NG : "Ambivalence" (Unbalance Recordings) 1980.
12: Residenz : "Albert Hilsberg" (Rondo Records) 1980.
13: Anemic Session : "Anemic Session" (Output Records) 1981.
14: Eazy Teeth : "Car Noise" (Dental Records) 1980.
15: Orchid Spangiafora : "Dime Operation" (Orchid Spangiafora) 1978.
16: Enstruction : "Keep Out Of My Body Bag" (Deux Ex Machina) 1982.
17: Die Lemminge : "Im Himmel" (Pure Freunde) 1981.
18: Flesh : "My Boy Lollipop" (Flesh) 1979.
19: Michael Atavar : "Cabral Dynamic" (Chance Records) 1980.
20: Sex : "Correlation Coefficient" (Index Records) 1979.
21: Annie Anxiety : "Hello Horror" (Crass Records) 1981.
22: Anonymous : "Snake Attack" (Flat Records) 1980.
23: The Barons : "Boiled Dinner" (Doublethink) 1981.
24: 8 Voices : "8 Voices" (Plurex) 1980.
25: Rectifier : "Perversion Of A Refined Nation" (Local Anaesthetic Records) 1982.
26: Nun : "Riv Skf" (If Product) 1984.
27: Another : "Paris Tribe" (Backstreet Backlash Records) 1982.
28: The Magits : "Fragmented" (Outer Himalyan Records) 1979.
29: Survivors : "We Died …" (Peoples Records) 1979.
30: Collective Horizontal : "Beach Coma" (Dolmen Records) 1981.
31: Phil Bedel : "Voice Of Concrete" (Happy Squid Records) 1980.
32: Daisuck & Prostitute : "Ai O Itamu Uta" (Altamira) 1980.
33: Omming For Woks : "Cut Of Knives" (Jabberwok Records) 1984.
34: In The Pink : "Running In The Family" (Grey & Anxious Records) 1982.
35: Idol Death : "New Lesson" (Dispy) 1980.
36: Radio Free Europe : "Eno's Funeral" (MiG Records) 1979.
37: Monty Cantsin : "Paper Bag Syphon" (Syphon) 1978.
38: Men/Eject : "Draw" (Not On Label) 1980.
39: Neu Electrikk : "Converse Of Tapes (Synesthesia) 1980.
40: Neu Electrikk : "Hand" (Synesthesia) 1980.
41: Hovlakin : "Unknown Title" (Unbalance Recordings).
42: The Poems : "Achieving Unity" (Polka) 1981.
43: Culturcide : "Consider Museums As Concentration Camps" (Information Records) 1980.
44: Debt Of Nature : "Gospel Light" (New Alliance) 1982.
45: What Is Oil? : "Scrosh!" (Oof Potato Enterprises) 1982.
46: Precision Bearings : "Don't Fall Down" (Fowl Records) 1982.
47: Mu : "Turn Off The Radio" (Backstreet Backlash Records) 1981.
     (Taken from the "Motion In Tune" LP).
48: Grønvirke : "Grønvirke" (Gry) 1982.

 I have split the programme in to two halves for easy listening please copy & paste …

The next programme will be back at the regular slot of Thursday night, 3rd of September at 20:00 hours (gmt).

01: Table of records.
02: Steve wandering the grounds of Dartington Hall (outside The White Hart).
03: Chris Booth : "Tweet Tweet Tweet".

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

MuhMur Radio Sunday Special : 30 August 2015.

There will be an extra MuhMur Radio broadcast this month, as Harbinger Sound main man and vinyl addict Steve Underwood will present a special programme. Steve will be travelling down from Nottingham with a box of records to play, and maybe spill a few words of wisdom about the sounds he is spinning. The programme will be broadcast live on August 30 at 20:00 hours (gmt) and last for about 3 hours … If you are in the South Hams / Torbay area of Devon you can tune in to : SOUNDART RADIO 102.5 FM, or hear the live stream at the programme will (as always) be archived on MixCloud.
Later next month MuhMur will have author and former editor / sub-editor of "Music From The Empty Quarter" and "Immerse" magazines Mathew F. Riley presenting a special programme. Details will follow.

01: An artists impression.
02 & 03: Some of Steve's choice cuts.

Friday, 7 August 2015

MuhMur Radio SoundArt Radio Broadcast 06 / 08 / 2015

Ten years after (and no sign of Alvin Lee). On tonights programme I played a piece by Koji Tano / M:S:B:R in memory of his passing ten years ago, and a piece from Michael Muennich to celebrate his first ten years as head of one of Germany's finest labels Fragment Factory. Also played a "Business Card" CDR by Kevin Sanders. I have no idea of the title, but it "might" be called "Last Breath". If anyone can help here please get in touch. The sad passing of Mancunian madman and poet John The Postman is also marked as is three pieces from the soon to be released Circuit Breaker LP. "My Descent Into Capital" will be released by Harbinger Sound on October 1.
Blue skies over SoundArt whilst broadcasting …

Please Cut & Paste & Listen :

For the first 16 minutes I listed Enhet För Fri Musik as "Dokumnet 1 Side 1" because if a band name is listed four or more times folk in certain countries such as USA can't hear the programme as it breaks copyright laws. (No me neither). So here I have play listed each track.

01: Enhet För Fri Musik : "Pä Väg Hem"
02: Enhet För Fri Musik : "Improvisation"
03: Enhet För Fri Musik : "Vaqqvisa"
04: Enhet För Fri Musik : "Det Lilla Som Finns Kvar Inam Oss"
05: Enhet För Fri Musik : "Jorden"
06: Enhet För Fri Musik : "Den Stig Va Vaudras På"
     (All tracks from the LP "Dokument 1" on Holidays Records. 2015).
07: Michael Muennich : "Zelphabet Soup" (Zelphabet) 2012.
08: M:S:B:R : "Electrovegetarianism (Part Two)" (Pinch-A-Loaf Productions) 1996.
09: Throbbing Gristle : "Greasy Spoon" (The Grey Area) 2007.
10: I.B.F. : "There Still There" (Harbinger Sound) 2008.
11: Helm : "Silencer 2" (Death Waltz Originals) 2015.
12: Kevin Sanders : "Last Breath" (Hairdryer Excommunication) 2015.
13: Clock DVA : "Ambiviolence" (Vinyl On Demand) 2015.
14: Circuit Breaker : "SE 1" (Harbinger Sound) 2015.
15: Circuit Breaker : "Commercial" (Harbinger Sound) 2015.
16: Circuit Breaker : "Fault" (Harbinger Sound) 2015.
17: Dome : "The Red Tent (Parts 1 & 2)" (The Grey Area) 1992.
18: Experimental Audio Research : "Data Rape (Part 9)" (Earworm) 1998.
19: John The Postman : "Mahatma Ghandi's Heartbreakers" (Overground Records) 1998.
20: Cabaret Voltaire : "Eastern Mantra" (Rough Trade Records) 1980.

The next programme will be broadcast on August 20.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Cacophony '3.3'.

It was a few weeks ago whilst perusing the Vinyl On Demand web site trying to gather information on the latest Clock DVA "Horology 2" box set that I saw that VOD were also releasing an album by Cacophony '3.3'. I was pleasantly surprised, I didn't think the work of Kev Kettle had reached the ears of Frank at VOD, I had to buy a copy.
Cacophony '3.3' were prolific throughout the 1980's and 1990's releasing a myriad / plethora of cassettes. Based in Lincoln Cacophony '3.3' is the brainchild of Kev Kettle. There have been collaborators in the past but it has always been Kevin's baby.
I first came across the name of Cacophony '3.3' in the mid 1990's, reading reviews of his cassette releases in every edition of "Music From The Empty Quarter" magazine. Each review had the contact address of St. Catherines in Lincoln. Intrigued. I was living in Yorkshire at the time and the fact that someone was producing sounds worthy of a mention in the mighty MFTEQ magazine and from an address so close to Dave Crewe's old house in Lincoln had me intrigued.

By 1997 I was living back in Lincoln and seeking out interesting folk to have a chat and drink with. Lincoln had changed since I was last there (around 10 years earlier). I met Mick McDaid the MC of Outsider Records, he had put out records by Delphium, Stephen Meixner, Project D.A.R.K. and Cacophony '3.3'. We arranged a meet with Kevin and it turned out I was living about 1 minutes walk from "Park Holme".

Kevin gave me some fine tapes. There was one release called "Car Boot" that was absolutely brilliant (I am using past tense as I have lost / sold / mislaid the cassette). Kev had collected old reel to reel tapes bought at car boot sales in Lincolnshire and randomly spliced them together (splicing blind) to make a new sound (with the odd overdub), it truly was a work of genius. Then there was this other side to Cacophony '3.3'. The more commercial side, the more … this wouldn't be out of place on Third Mind Records side of Kev's work with full polyphonic synth and heavy yamaha drum machine patterns with freestyle electric guitars. Think Konstruktivists and / or Legendary Pink Dots.
"Park Holme Recordings 1983 - 1989" concentrates on the latter and to some extent the release is slightly disappointing. Included are the prog moments, the "white reggae" moments, the easy listening cocktail jazz style moments breaking into John Shuttleworth moments - but then again There is "In My Hair" which brings to mind Coil circa "Scatology" and the excellent raw primal noise of "Saw Throat" and "Gollum Goes Trance" an epic instrumental built of acoustic guitars and keys a la Death In June.
I wish Kevin had included his more "experimental"pieces. Maybe there will be a volume two?

In 1998 I asked Cacophony '3.3' to play live in Lincoln with Dieter Mūh at Grafton House. The gig was co-promoted by Outsider Records. I still have a recording from the gig. A chap called Martin Speck was on bass. T'was an interesting night out ….

"Park Holme Recordings 1983 - 1989" is available from Vinyl On Demand and Tesco Organistaion in Europe. It's an interesting release and something that I thought I would never see - I am very pleased for Kev - his work deserves a bigger audience and a vinyl release.

01: The LP + 7"EP.
02: My copy of a Cacophony '3.3' CDR of the live gig in Lincoln.

Friday, 24 July 2015

MuhMur Radio SoundArt Radio Broadcast : 23/07/2015.

For tonights programme Le Syndicat (J.M. Onni) provided some exclusive and rare sounds. The tracks from "Prothesis Pack" are culled from two early (1981) tapes "Spermicide" and "Totalitarisme". The material has been digitalised by Entre Vifs. "Prothesis Pack" is planned for 2016 release by Vinyl On Demand. "Plasmoglitch #2" is a collaboration between Le Syndicat and Pharmakustik (Siegmar Fricke) and is planned for 2016 release by Rotorelief.
"We Owe You" was my first experience of Le Syndicat, it is on the 2xC90 compilation "Wolfsangel" released in 1986 by Peter Zincken's Bloedvlagprodukt label.
For asll things Le Syndicat go to

01: The Bim Prongs : "Walking In Rhythm" (Disembraining Songs) 2015.
02: Unknown Singing Objects : "Brunzkees (Gastänger Pizza Ni Ni) (Albert Detzel) 2015.
03: Le Syndicat : "Prothesis Pack #5" (Le Syndicat) 1981.
04: Le Syndicat : "Prothesis Pack #6" (Le Syndicat) 1981.
05: Le Syndicat : "Prothesis Pack #7" (Le Syndicat) 1981.
     ("Prothesis Pack" is to be released in 2016 on Vinyl On Demand).
06: Le Syndicat : "Move" (Le Syndicat) 1999.
07: Torpsquartet : "No Title" (Bloedvlagprodukt) 1986.
08: Le Syndicat : "We Owe You" (Bloedvlagprodukt) 1986.
09: Le Syndicat : "Idol Breaking" (Rotorelief) 2010.
10: Le Syndicat : "Lost Empire (Part Two)" (Thirdtypetapes) 2015.
11: Le Syndicat + Pharmakustik : "Plasmoglitch #2" (Rotorelief) 2010.
     (Unreleased piece projected for release in 2016).
12: Whitehouse : "Cruise (Force The Truth - Instrumental Mix)" (Susan Lawly) 2001.
13: Sleaford Mods : "Bronx In A Six" (Harbinger Sound) 2015.
14: Sleaford Mods : "Talk Bollocks" (In A Car/Salon Alter Hammer) 2015.

Take a listen. (Copy & Paste) :

01: Le Syndicat Source!
02: J.M. Onni live in Lille 2014.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Cremation Lily & False Moniker

Staying with the Brighton based label Strange Rules (see previous post on Cheapmachines) and the C20 cassette release "Opalescent Blue" by Cremation Lily & False Moniker.
Since experiencing Cremation Lily live in Belgium last year it has been a great pleasure discovering his sound through various releases - mostly cassettes on his own Strange Rules label - but there are others .. vinyl on Harbinger Sound and Alter as well as tapes on Total Black and Fusty Cunt. (I know, some folk never learn).
"Opalescent Blue" has been released to coincide with an exhibition at the Collectiv National Gallery in Antwerp (Belgium) by Zen Zsigo (Cremation Lily) and Niels Geybels (False Moniker) called "The Storms Of Summer". The exhibition ran throughout July.

Five pieces covering twenty minutes, the pictures painted are incredibly peaceful, floating through time and space. Side one features an ethereal guitar á la Durutti Column set against such sounds as children playing, calls to prayer, engine running drones and a great heartbeat pulse. The sound is slightly lo-fi, the sounds are quite "murky" in places .. but that does not distract from the overall atmosphere. Side two has three opposing pieces - still the "floating in space and time" synthetic sounds - "Stars That Outline Your Body" has Zen screaming a poem accompanied by "biscuit tin" style percussion. Not the greatest but it does remind me that Cremation Lily are associated with Unrest Productions. A short interlude of lock groove and vinyl "run-off" manipulation leads us to the finale and the excellent "Paradise Capsules". The coupling of heavy keyboard against light floating polychord synth waves and a euro dark wave disco backbeat. Cue the dry ice. It is the kind of sound that Belaten have been releasing and distributing of late.

Great tape - a fantastic 20 minutes. I am awaiting the day Cremation Lily (and False Moniker) start releasing on CD or vinyl. "Opalescent Blue" comes with a small booklet of collages and photographs treated and constructed by the artists and is limited to 84 copies. Try but, like all Cremation Lily tapes at the moment, it won't be there for long.

Monday, 20 July 2015

Cheapmachines #4

I have just spent a pleasant while listening to the latest release from Cheapmachines. "Quiet Trade" has been released by Brighton based label Strange Rules. Originally only available as a download (boo) on the Phil Julian / Cheapmachines web site,, those fine fellows at Strange Rules have decided to put it out as physical matter albeit in an edition of 84.
The four pieces were recorded throughout 2012 at various locations in London and Berlin and I think the recordings catch Phil Julian on the cusp of dropping the Cheapmachines moniker and becoming (simply) Phil Julian.
#1 is a great introduction, a journey down corridors and into rooms. Warm but with a sense of unease. I sense a nod towards the work of Nurse With Wound in this piece. Drone work with quiet murmurings and hums, static, empty spaces with shuffling beings. A moth caught in the lampshade, a gentleman in an iron lung … These are strange rooms. Half way through the piece and a door is opened into the room that reminds us that in 2012 Phil Julian was a member of The New Blockaders. #2 brings to mind David Jackman, but that is just scratching the surface…and cymbals. Abstract sounds creating a cacophonous symphony. Piano, drill, resonances & vibrations, Tibetan bells and bellowed organ sounds.
Flip the tape and there is a warm opening, a beautiful organ drone waving not drowning in a peaceful place. Nurse With Wound's classic "Soliloquy For Lilith" is evoked. #4 picks up the pace, a race through space with a pocketful of contact mic's. 2012 and Phil Julian was playing a few gigs with BBBlood … the influence is obvious here. And like Putrefier became Mark Durgan and BBBlood became Paul Watson, Cheapmachines became Phil Julian.
A brilliant release and despite being 3 years old - not dated at all. As mentioned it is an ultra limited release so go to :
£5.00 well spent.

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Dark Mother Wood

Back in 2001 I saw Treriksrøset at the Fylkingen in Stockholm. His performance was billed as "One Man Static Live No-Show". Dark Mother Wood's debut live performance at South Brent Old School Community Centre could be described as similar. One man sat in a chair, no visuals, no movement just pure noise. Of course back in those days, 14 years ago, harsh noise wall as a style, as a genre did not exist. Dark Mother Wood (on this occasion) were HNW.
Dark Mother Wood is Alasdair Robertson, sound artist, photographer, South Brent resident and presenter of the "Clicks & Hum" radio programme on SoundArt Radio (102.5 FM). Dark Mother Wood present some interesting, eye catching imagery on their Facebook page and describe their sound as electro-acoustic folk. I still think Harsh Noise Wall is nearer.
The fifteen minute performance took place in the library of the community centre. Acoustically brilliant and on the same surreal level as watching Nocturnal Emissions and Nick Bullen in a village hall in Polruan (try and find that place on a map)! This wasn't a gig in the traditional sense of the word, it was a live broadcast as part of an awareness raiser for the work of SoundArt Radio and South Brent Community Radio. Earlier in the day there were performances from Lucy Simister and Antony Jinman along with poetry, quizzes and local conversation. Dark Mother Wood closed the proceedings.
Alasdair provided fifteen minutes of free-form noise. Shortwave / Longwave radio conversations, tape machines, headphones as microphones, distortion machines, a box that clicked and hummed, wind-up machines, and a continual high pitched sine wave … and it was this that became obstructive to some of the sounds that were building. I have seen a performance (on the Internet) by French artist Vomir, this sounded very similar. Perhaps the performance needed visuals, but then (and at the same time) it was a performance for the radio, hopefully the next performance will feature imagery / visuals, theatre and the surround.
Alasdair handed me his debut release .. a Dark Mother Wood Floppy Disk. Excellent. I shall treasure.

01: Old School Community Centre, South Brent.
02: Dark Mother Wood prepare for broadcast.
03: Chris & Dave (SoundArt FM) on the mix.
04: Dark Mother Wood and the table of elements.
05: Pappin' in da old skool with Dave + Alice.
06: Dark Mother Wood Floppy Disk.

Friday, 10 July 2015

MuhMur Radio SoundArt 102.5 FM Broadcast. 09/10/2015.

On arrival it was sad to hear that DJ 2Shoes has hung up his stylus. I used to arrive at the station and he'd be finishing off his 2 hours of 1990's deep house mix. Quiet lad but with an obvious sense of fun and mischief. Sad to see him go … real name "Andy". His show has been replaced by "A Conversation" where folk are invited to "pop in" and have a chat, from what I could work out it was three women talking about a lettuce that looked like a Christmas tree. (Only on SoundArt).
Another beautiful evening, the rouged sky sunset over the woods towards Dartmoor whilst Psychic TV "Kondole" was blasting out loud from the studio speakers was a special moment. Also special was the session from Greek sound artist Kostis Kilymis. 20 odd minutes of new material entitled "The Void (Parts 1 - 4)". I mistakenly mentioned Kostis runs the record store "Electric Knife" in London. He doesn't … I was mixing him up with Thanasis (another greek friend). Apologies - blame the Stella & Tyksie!
It's quite a delicate and quiet programme. Please take a listen and feel free to comment.

The next programme will be on July 23 and probably feature some rare and unreleased material from Le Syndicat.

01: Will Montgomery : "2012 + 2012 By Manfred Werder" (Organized Music From
                                       Thessaloniki) 2015.
02: E.G. Oblique Graph : "Study Of The red Pope (Innocent X)" (Vinyl On Demand) 2006.
03: Kallabris : "Apologia" (Jazztone / Entra'cte) 2006.
04: Column One : "Go Uite Than-Four" (90% Wasser) 2004.
05: Artificial Memory Trace : "Synkronika #6" (Noise-Below/Tentacles Of Perception) 2015.
06: Psychic TV : "Kondole" (Temple Records) 1989.
07: Helm : "Often Destroyed" (Pan Records) 2015.
08: Kostis Kilymis : "Void Parts 1 - 4" (Not On Label) 2015.
      (Piece exclusively recorded for MuhMur Radio).
09: Kostis Kilymis : "Ground Loops (A Line, Obscured)" (I Dischi Del Barone) 2015.
10: MK9 : "A Reading From Anhendonic Ideations" (Neural Operations) 2014.
11: Sleaford Mods : "Face To Faces" (Freaks R Us/Harbinger Sound) 2015.
12: Sudden Infant : "Wölfli's Nightmare" (Voodoo Rhythm) 2014.
13: The Pop Group : "Nations" (Freaks R Us/Harbinger Sound) 2015.

01: Scene from the studio,
02: Kostis Kilymis "Void 1-4".
03: Kostis.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Circuit Breaker Live In London.

Earlier this year, March to be exact, my old friend Steve Underwood told me about Circuit Breaker. He had seen them support Sleaford Mods in Milton Keynes and he was bowled over, so much he wanted to put an album out on Harbinger Sound. A weekend spent in Nottingham and it was all he talked about - and all he played. The 12" EP on Tombed Visions and the cassette "Grid" -of which I'd be lucky to get a copy. To me Circuit Breaker evoke the sound of early 80's experimental post-punk synth music. Robert Rental, Eyeless In Gaza and Cabaret Voltaire. The music is similar but not copyist - more advancing the plan. 21st Century. I too have fallen for the sound - on returning I bought the 12" EP and got a copy of "Grid" (I am a lucky guy).
Fresh from the German tour with Sleaford Mods & Sudden Infant, Circuit Breaker played the compact and bijou venue of Ryan's Bar in Stoke Newington. It's a venue I like, although the PA is never loud enough, I had to witness the live sound of Circuit Breaker.

The evening was organised by Nurze Nurze aka Lisa Lavery from Melge. I met Lisa last March when we were both drumming for Vagina Dentata Organ at Tate Modern.
An addition to the evening and first on was Emilie Gautier. A talk on the trauma in the works of Thomas Hardy, be it characters or landscapes….or at least that is what I think was being talked about (I missed the opening few minutes). Emilie got my attention but it was a little like a job interview or walking into some book publishers office. It was the next day on the journey home that I realised that this was a brilliant "support", a great idea. Like a salon event or cabaret of old …
The following two bands / artists were not my cup of tea. Closed Circuits came across like a Karaoke act. Some guy with too many Scott Walker records and Deep Men were loud, brash, amateurish and slightly annoying. But at least I wasn't in some basement with a load of noise-nerds wearing their freshly ironed Iron Fist Up The Bum T-Shirts and watching some youth with a laptop and six effects pedals making a noise, with everyone nodding like he's just re-invented the wheel or something. Deep Men had guitars and drums …
Circuit Breaker played a short set. No let up from their recorded output. Perhaps more subdued tonight. A week journeying around Germany with the Harbinger Sound Travelling Circus & Freakshow can take its' toll. Perhaps it was because there was only a dozen folk watching? Excellent set though - I recognised "Grey Materials" from the 12", but little else. The forthcoming LP is something to look forward to.

1: Gig Poster.
2: "In The Garden" (Clive Graham, David Mellor, Eddie Nuttall, Paul Watson).
3: Emilie Gautier.
4: Circuit Breaker.