Friday, 24 June 2016

MuhMur Radio SoundArt Radio Broadcast : 23/06/2016.

A bizarre evening all told, with the UK referendum etc. As I type this the people of the UK have spoken and the country moves in to a more right-wing position. Soon to be aligning ourselves with the Trumps + Le Pens of this world. I was going to buy a bunch of sounds this morning but the pound went do-lally and it was costing me £50 to buy an album from Germany. Crazy Nights (as Paul Stanley once said).
This programme is a grab bag, a smorgasbord of sounds including latest releases from Modelbau, Ashpa, PBK & Wolf Eyes and Karies. The Dieter Müh piece is an unreleased mix of the track "S.O.L.A.S." that appeared on the compilation album "Notre Dame #12 - The Final Edition" released by EE Tapes in 2000. This is a mix I did immediately after the piece was recorded. This used to happen a lot, as we would record tracks and I would take an immediate mix home to listen to and Dave Uden would take his time and add little nuances etc …
The Gerry & The Holograms / O Yuki Conjugate and 3rd Door From The Left tracks come from the new 4xCD compilation "Close To The Noise Floor" on Cherry Red. Very recommended if you are interested in UK electronics at the turn of the 1980's.

01: Ashpa : "Nedves Föld" (Geräuschmanufaktur) 2016.
02: Thu 20 : "Live (Winterswijk #4)" (Midas Tapes) 1987.
03: Minny Pops : "She Said Go Go Go" (Les Temps Modernes) 2003.
04: Modelbau : "Lost" (No Rent Records) 2016.
05: Beequeen : "EE EA" (Korm Plastics) 1999.
06: Modelbau : "Lament" (No Rent Records) 2016.
07: Dieter Müh : "Mühstam (The Findhorn Christ) (Not On Label) 1998.
08: PBK & Wolf Eyes : "Dark Reflection" (Sonoris) 2016.
09: MyTrip : "Ascend" (Amek/Serpent Eve Records/Mahorka) 2016.
10: Zoviet*France : "Gathering Breath" (Alt.Vinyl) 2013.
11: Zoviet*France : "Feezeling" (Alt.Vinyl) 2013.
12: Leda : "Clear" (I Dischi Del Barone) 2016.
13: Parabelles : "Krimiboy" (Ihretwegen) 2015.
14: Karies : "Ego" (Harbinger Sound/In A Car Records) 2016.
15: Gerry And The Holograms : "Gerry And The Holograms" (Cherry Red Records) 2016.
16: O Yuki Conjugate : "Sedation" (Cherry Red Records) 2016.
17: Third Door From The Left : "In The Room" (Cherry Red Records) 2016.
18: Aavikko : "Elysian Fields" (Full Contact Records/Ektro Records) 2016.

All pictures taken at the "new" SoundArt Radio studio.
01: The Banner.
02: The Board.
03: The Decks.
04: The View.
05: The Fridge.
06: The Remainian and The Brexiteer.

Friday, 10 June 2016

MuhMur Radio SoundArt Radio Broadcast 09/06/2016 :

Tonights broadcast featured some new sounds that have arrived at Hartop Towers over the past few weeks. New releases from Post Scriptvm, Dilloway + Nyoukis, Edward Sol etc mixed with some catch-up tunes from Michael Idehall and Marc Hurtado amongst others … I was going to play some of the new LP by PBK & Wolf Eyes but whilst sorting through and reorganising my cassette collection I came across an old 1980 release from Deleted Records that features Stabmental, the Geoff Rushton project. I knew the tape had The Instant Automatons, Mic Woods, Alien Brains, Colin Potter, Merz etc but I totally forgot about this inclusion. PBK got bumped. I will definitely work some in to the playlist for June 23.
The Vit Fana track "Sia Slint" is played at the wrong speed. I played at 45rpm instead of 33.3 rpm, but to my ears it still sounds OK. Also the Teeraal Räum Pheynix track titles are written in some strange language that I cannot translate so I have used the nearest approximation for reference. The tracks come from the split cassette with Celldộd, a release that was only available at a gig in Gothenberg earlier this year.
Dave Mutch was back in the engineers chair and Alice Kemp joined in the fun and frivolity. We drank Miso Soup and ate Lentil Crisps until bedtime!

Please copy & paste :

01: Aaron Dilloway & Dylan Nyoukis : "Dropout Element #1" (Chocolate Monk) 2016.
02: Michael Idehall : "Repartiseraren" (:retortae:) 2015.
03: RGYDB Vs. Kids : "NoiseBevel (B)" (Lage Landen Lawaii) 2016.
04: Edward Sol : "Right Leg's Shorter" (Glistening Examples) 2016.
05: Post Scriptvm : "Heavy Dreams" (NEN Records) 2016.
06: Michael Idehall : "Untitled - The House Of Flames (A)" (The Ajna Offensive) 2015.
07: Teeraal Räum Pheynix : "Ev To Nav" (Brutal Disciplin) 2016.
08: Teeraal Räum Pheynix : "Xpunonoiia" (Brutal Disciplin) 2016.
09: Vit Fana : "Sla Slint" (Posh Isolation) 2016.
10: Sansernes Rus : "Rotation Number One" (Posh Isolation) 2016.
11: FRKSE : "Scholar Drugs (Diagram 2-Mono)" (I Had An Accident Records) 2012.
12: Michael Idehall : "Horsemen" (:retortae:) 2015.
13: Marc Hurtado : "Jour" (777 Was 666) 2015.
14: Stabmental : "Thin Veil Of Blood" (Deleted Records) 1980.

01: Alice & I
02: Dave.
03: Mixcloud picture!