Sunday, 25 March 2012

Clock DVA #2

Have just spent a pleasant while listening to the latest release from Clock DVA, a six album and 7"EP box set called "Horology" released by "the masters" Vinyl On Demand.
The last time there was a release of early DVA material was 1992 and the CDEP that came with "Black Words On White Paper" the DVA lyric book printed by Contempo Records, now there is over six albums worth released all in one go....I've had to send the wife and kids out for the weekend to get my head (and ears) around this!
The set (which also includes a booklet and DVD) retails at over £100 so you'd have to either be a DVA fan or collector of late 1970's industrial music to get a copy...or both (like me).
I have a few early Clock DVA tapes already. I have mentioned "Agony" earlier on this blog, I also have the cassette "The Alternative Soundtrack To The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and odds and sods on various compilations, but this set brings them all together. Classic.
The transfer quality of the tapes is excellent. I know a lot of hard work went in to getting the highest possible quality through baking of masters and digitization processes...but it hasn't been a thankless task....the tracks sound great (thank you).
The works are presented in chronological order beginning with "Lomticks Of Time", the 1978 cassette which features just Judd and Adi Newton. This album also includes the track "Oedipus" which also appears as "Free Form Fetish" on the Konstruktivists LP "Psykho-Genetika" (Third Mind Records). I thought Glenn Wallis was an "early member" of Clock DVA, but he does not get a credit on the box set, so I have been mis-informed. There was certainly some Wallis / Prior To Intercourse collaboration with the tape "Heute" by NKVD...but my mind is slowly losing information...I have the cassette (somewhere).
The next two albums in the set are made from a C90 release called "2nd" and features early DVA classics such as "1958", "Edge", "Le Viol", "Otto M" (13+ min version), "Constructivists" and "Now Haag". After a couple of plays of both albums I can say that these are probably the best two LP's I have ever heard. Ever. Adi's voice through WEM CopyCat, Space Echo effects, the EMS Synthesizer and fuzz tone guitar. The cheap Dr.Rhythm beat box and concrete wall bass-lines...I'm in heaven.
Album #4 in the set includes the "missing" Small Wonder Records 12"EP called "Sex Works Beyond Entanglement". A joy to hear. It includes the track "7 Day Cycle" that was on the CDEP that came with "Black Words On White Paper" (minus the Martin Fry writing credit), and a wonderful DVA discovery "The Pop Hell 2". A cause to dance around my gimp room. I was surprised to hear the tracks as it would have been so out of place with the Small Wonder Records catalogue in 1979. (Cockney Rejects, The Wall, Bauhaus, Patrik Fitzgerald etc).
The early sound of DVA is abstract synths and lyrics, chunky fuzz tone guitar (lead and rhythm) and a beat box. Of its' time, yes - but still relevant.
Everybody loves a history.
The final two LP's are probably the most well known. DVA Demos that floated around on "bootleggers" lists in 1979/1980. "Deep Floor" and "Fragments". The 7" features a small section of live recording from Halifax 1979. "One Minute Silence For The Death Of Sid Vicious Followed By White Noise". Classic - Not as good as "Don't Listen To Mother" (Unfortunately not featured on this box set) but a classic nonetheless!

I have yet to watch the DVD, but whilst spinning the discs I indulged (between sing-a-long moments and dancing) in reading the accompanying booklet and reacquainted myself with Mick Fish's "Industrial Evolution" book and Martin Lillekar's "Beats Working For A Living" both of which give Adi a hard time.
As mentioned - this set is one for the fans....It is worth buying, and if you do not have a turntable - go out and buy one especially for this release. As ever Frank and his Vinyl On Demand have delivered the goods.

1: "Black Words On White Paper" Book Cover.
2: "Horology" presentation. (From VOD Website).
3: "Lomticks Of Time" LP Cover.
4: "Horology" Box Set Cover.
5: "Sex Works Beyond Entanglement" LP Cover
6: "Flowers Of Evagination" 7"EP Cover
7: "Sex Works Beyond Entanglemant" Label.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Blind Amongst The Flowers

Earlier this week, for the first time in over ten years I was listening to the gravelly Mancunian growling voice of John Everall. A joy. Albeit over the 'phone and not in a local hostelry, but still a joy. Last year I revisited all of my Tactile albums and most of my Sentrax Corporation releases (John's label from the 1990's) so to celebrate the fact that we spoke across the wires I dug out my copy of "Dementia Americana" 7" by Blind Amongst the Flowers.
Blind Amongst The Flowers were from Crewe. John was their bassist. "Dementia Americana" should have appeared on the Malicious Damage label but instead it was released on their own Snarling Red imprint (Catalogue SFP 858) in 1987. The single was re-issued by Eyas Media, the label run by Sixth Comm in the same year.
Blind Amongst The Flowers sound like Killing Joke, but then again so did Red Beat and Ski Patrol and they are two fine bands. "Dementia Americana" has the chanting style vocal the chopping guitar and Glitter Band drums to make it a great "romper-stomper" classic. "Back In The South" still has the KJ vocal style (this time with speeded up, whispered and slowed down vocal effect floating around the ears) and guitar but this time with Joy Div. drums overdubbed to the max. It all ends on some great effects and tape looping which makes me think John probably had a hand in the production of this beauty.
"Dementia Americana" is a great a great single and if seen buy! It has a strange sleeve of a Lee Harvey Oswald "look-e-like-e" getting a blow job and sleeve notes on the reverse that wouldn't be amiss in a Sotos novel.

Now....has anyone got any Vaginal Sponge tapes I can listen too?

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

BBBlood #5

I recently took advantage of the exchange rate between the pound sterling and the dollar and searched cyberspace for some US sounds and came across a 25% discount deal with US distributors Small Doses. I ended up buying no US artistes but a fine package including a Ecka Liena/A Death Cinematic CDr, a Textured Bird Transmission CDr, an Andreas Brandal CDr (which has since broken because the wife went over my bag with the pram...anyone with a spare copy of Andreas Brandal " The Familiar Stranger" please get in touch) and the 3"CDr "BBBlood" by BBBlood. I also got a cracking Praying For Oblivion 7" from Carbon and a Six Heads cassette from Black Horizons but maybe more on those beauties at a later date.

I like BBBlood. I first came across this London based project by buying a split 7" he released with American noise merchants Al Qaeda. I had to buy a record by a band called Al Qaeda, an excellent name - imagine that on some live gig poster...excellent. Anyway, any chance of buying BBBlood product and I am there.
This eponymous 3" is comprised of two tracks. The first; "Flowers Of Flesh & Blood" is one of the most conventional pieces I have heard from BBBlood. Imagine "IBM" and "Medicine" by Throbbing Gristle and "Voice Of the Angel" by Organum mixed through a variety of effects pedals and the result is a soundtrack to an abstract action painting. Perle Fine / Albert Kotin. Beautiful. The track does wander off somewhat with the introduction of synthesized electronics, a harsh noise wall is created and it becomes a piece that wonders whether or not it should have some shouty-shouty vocals before (what sounds like The Baron) losing interest. Despite the title sounding like an out-take from a Rose Of Avalanche LP this track is a great air way cleaner. Crystal clear recording too.
"October 1966" follows. A short piece. A sketch, sound built around an excellent electronic loop. This track reminds of the one and only time I saw BBBlood live in London and it evokes the noise of Putrefier. Is the title remembering the death of Alma Cogan? The track sounds "live".

A great little EP, and for some reason a release that The Baron. The Baron Bum Blood. Paul Watson; is not happy with...he gives it a 4 / 5 on Discogs!
If spotted buy!

Sunday, 18 March 2012


"Let me tell you about Sweden. Only country where the clouds are interesting. Big Brother says it's the place to go. Too much time to think, too little to do". As the great Stranglers once said.
I got a couple of tapes through this week from Malmo based project Amph. Thank you Peter. I have spent a few days listening to "Oar Under Vatten" (An Island in the water), a C30 cassette released by the Swedish Jartecknet label. The label could be Amph's own, but I'm not too sure. The sound of "Oar Under Vatten" is certainly of experimental / industrial music of twenty or so years ago. Amph know their history...which makes this cassette great to listen to. The two sides are different, side A having a "Ritualistic Meditative Drone Wall" (RMDW) feel. The sound of tape looping experiments, amp noise and space awareness...very evocative of early Psychic TV live "jam" works...think Themes 2 0r 3. At points I was almost expecting the sound to break into some sub-Velvet strings and (heart beat) drums. Instead the sound builds to a deep and (audio) enthralling cacophony of RMDW. Side B is more acoustic, another 15 minute aural sculpture built of tape sampling, synth waves, metal, acoustic ephemera, synth key drones, and is more "aquatic" than side A. (If the title fits....use it). Again, think old Soviet France or Klangkreig or Maeror Tri and you are in the area of Amph.
A great cassette that will be played many times. Luckily I received the follow-up cassette "Rapport On Blinda" (Report on the blind) released by Sprachlos Verlag at the same time .. the future looks promising. Sprachlos released a Pestdemon cassette a few years back...the only Pestdemon I am missing.
Amph "Oar Under Vatten" can be purchased for a few euros through it really is good stuff.

Also received a Dusa 7" through the post last week..Sweden is getting interesting again.

1&2: Amph Sleeve.
3: Amph tape.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Castle Drogo

In my role as unpaid and unrecognised tourist information guide to Devon may I recommend a day out at Castle Drogo. Castle Drogo is situated half an hour or so from Torquay (on the Moretonhampstead route) and about 20 minutes from Exeter. Castle Drogo is known as "The Last Castle In England" due to the fact is the last castle to be built in England...situated on the North East corner of Dartmoor. It is not a ruin, part of the castle is still lived in by members of the Drewe family, but some old stately rooms and chapel are open to the general public. Victorian art aplenty...or is that Victoriana?
One of the joys of Castle Drogo are the gardens, the views (over Dartmoor) and the walks through the Teign Valley. Loads of open and run-a-round places for the kids to get lost in an adventure for an hour or so. The walks are dog friendly too.
If you don't fancy the castle you can just park up in the (free) car park and go off on the walks around the valley and castle grounds - there's a cafe too, with Children's play area and a shop that sells...Castle Drogo Ale. I bought a bottle (steep at £3.25 a bottle, but the castle does have a £11,000,000 repair bill on its' hands).
If in (or passing through) Devon, Castle Drogo is worth a visit.

1: Outside the Castle's Main Entrance.
2: The Drogo Sound System.
3: Oscar & Julius Drewe.
4: Tamsin, Oscar & Isabel F outside the "Bunty House" in Drogo's Gardens.
5: Drogo Ale.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Secondhand Records Shops #16 : Nottingham

There used to be a catchphrase, a slogan, a saying used by the HMV Music Store chain here in the UK in the 1990's, it went something like "HMV, Serious About Music"...sometimes there would be a question mark at the end and I used to think "yes I am actually and that is why I shall never buy owt from your fucking shop"!
Nottingham has always been serious about music. I began buying vinyl (new and secondhand) from little independent record shops situated down small, dark piss smelling alleyways in the late 1970's. Even today the city is littered with small secondhand vinyl emporiums - my time in Nottingham this weekend was being kept busy by others but I did manage to catch some time to explore a couple of old favourites.
Robs Records is situated in an alleyway known as Hurts Yard. Go to the centre of Nottingham aka Market Square and head towards Yates pub. Once there start walking out of the centre and you will discover (on your right) a small alleyway called Hurts Yard. It is easy to miss....if you make it to the Dragon you have gone too far! Rob's shop is a collection of rooms stacked with vinyl. Tens of thousands of records packed in to racks and in to boxes. There is some form of cataloguing - Northern Soul, Reggae, 50's Rock N' Roll, New Wave, Rock etc...but I do recommend digging in the "80's" sections and "New Arrivals".
Robs is always busy. Be prepared for a bit of frottage amongst the ten inchers! Rob also has a lot of unpriced vinyl, so be prepared to barter...always good fun! In the past 20 plus years I don't think I have ever left Robs' shop without some vinyl in my bag. This time it was a couple of Bill Nelson double 7" EP's for 30 bob a piece. (£3 the pair to you youngsters).
Serious about music? Get yourself to Robs!
If you return back on to Market Square and carry on walking out of town...towards the Dragon pub you will see the West End Arcade. There are a few secondhand vinyl / book shops in here. A couple of dance specialists and a 50's/60's records, posters, books type shop...but also in here lies Big Apple Records. Big Apple used to be in the "trendy part" of Nottingham known as Hockley but now is more central...thank goodness. Cheaply priced vinyl and a good selection of punk and new wave - this visit I bought the Lurkers "Fulham Fallout" LP (1st issue) for a great £7.00!

And for this weekend that was it unfortunately. A real sad site to see empty shops where Selectadisc once were. There are secondhand shops on Mansfield Road if you are heading towards the BoHo area of Nottingham. Forest Fields. I have shopped in Anarchy Records before, bought a Portion Control 12" for a pound, but alas (for me) was shut on Sunday. There used to be good secondhand record shops on the Derby Road and Sneinton Market...but I haven't been to those places for a while.

1: Robs Records. Hurts Yard.
2: Big Apple Records. West End Arcade (off Chapel Bar).
3: Anarchy Records. 213 Mansfield Road.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Dieter Muh #46 (#2)

The 46th Dieter Muh gig took place last weekend in Nottingham. I like playing live in Nottingham, great city, great football club (there's only one), and always a great audience. This was Dieter Muh's 4th live appearance in the great city since 1994.
The Rammel Club is situated inside The Chameleon Arts Centre on Market Square. Very central. The Chameleon has that Anarcho Eco (no relation to Umberto) feel about it, a little like how the "1 in 12 Club" in Bradford used to be 20 years ago - but operated by friendly gangsters and not a co-operative.
I was invited to be part of the Rammel Club / Harbinger Sound "weekend festival of blah". A three day event of varying sound. I unfortunately missed the opening evening with Patrik Fitzgerald, Mark Durgan & John Wall, Kogumaza, Design A Wave, Makakarooma and Blood Stereo. I arrived on the Saturday to witness a blistering live set of intricacy and noise from Spoils & Relics. At this point I will mention that the sound quality inside the club is spot-on thanks to a PA mix-meister called Simon.
Sleaford Mods followed. A poet and a guy with a laptop that holds some great bass line lead tunes. Not art, not noise just brutal realism wrapped up couplet and an owd boy drawl. Clever stuff...not funny...not comedy like John Cooper-Clarke or pretty like Peter Um. Hard hitting and 100%. I can believe the Sleaford Mods.
I managed to catch a quick interview with Jason (of the Mods) after the gig on his way to the bar. "Why did you chose Sleaford Mods"? "I wrote my first song in a pub in Grantham, and Grantham Mods sounds shit". If you haven't heard Sleaford Mods! I don't think it's just a Lincolnshire thing.
Bill Kouligas was on hand to provide a weaving electronic pattern and coat it with texture and effect. Beautiful stuff, not too far from (say) Bruce Gilbert to these ears. I stood transfixed. Storm Bugs. Storm Bugs. The band I wanted to see the most...and they played "Car Situations". Beautiful sound that took a little while to grab (me), getting used to vocal treating and looping took a few minutes but once the set started to move it was an honour to experience.
The organisers had promised Special Guests for the Saturday, and they don't come any more special than The New Blockaders, playing their final live show before Berlin in a couple of weeks. Around 100 folk saw TNB wreck the stage with wood, metal, tools and glass. After they left the stage, in the silence everyone was wearing a smile. Heatsick closed the evening.

Sunday was different because I was playing, daytime and early evening drinking had to be kept to a minimum and when the day is spent with Idwal Fisher, Phil Taylor, Paul Walsh and Steve Underwood that is a hard task! Also my concentration is on the performance and not so much the bands that played "early on". Surfacing had some promising sounds going on, and SWLLWS sounded like a cross between Dead Can Dance and New Order in parts. Nacht Und Nebel created some dark swirl that forced me to buy a cassette from the merch' table so I can discover in "comfort". These Feathers Have Plumes is the solo project of London based musician Andie Brown. (I think that is how it is spelt). These Feathers Have Plumes (awful name) created a sound of beauty featuring manipulated strings (cello & guitar...I think) and wine glasses filled with varying quantities of water being played with a violin bow. It was a stirring sound - again PA quality was superb - invoking the early work of Organum.
The Muh set was next - hard sound to follow but the audience were "up for it"! I played to the films of Tim Bayes and Simon Kane, around 20 minutes mixing bowed cymbals, Japanese tsunami sounds, the London Underground, German Overground, high heels and Buddha Boxes together to create some picture I had in my head. A couple of weeks ago I went to a "Cats Protection League" coffee morning in St Marychurch (Torquay) Parish Hall, show the kids some cats and browse over some secondhand bric-a-brac where I found a small Dictaphone with tape! It worked too....that find played a large part in the Rammel performance.
I enjoyed the set - I could hear what I was playing crystal through the monitors, and I was making the floorboards shake. For the audience - I thank you and the kind words afterwards chippered me up...I was touched.
Phil Julian followed with his reverse noise set. Most "noise" artists start slow and build to a crashing HNW...not Phil...he attacks the senses from the off and deconstructs (decomposes) his sound leaving the audience stunned and feeling a few inches shorter than they were 20 minutes earlier. Most folk wanted to see John Wiese so I did the "honourable" thing and minded the door and merch' stall for the Rammel Crew - it sounded good from the floor below...lots of ringing bells and smoke alarm noises.

Penultimate act was Con-Dom. A rare UK live performance and treat. I have played a couple of gigs in the past with Mike (Dando, AKA Con-Dom) and it has always been a pleasure. Tonight's performance was an act of brutalism, of struggle and of violence. A lot of vocal treatment used made it hard to understand what Mike was shouting, but the sheer physicality of his live performance was simply stunning.
Bong ended the evening reminding us all why punk was invented.

I shall attempt a similar construction for Stockholm next month. Thank you to the Rammel Club and Steve Underwood of Harbinger Sound for inviting me to play...cheers to Phil Julian, Paul Walsh, Phil Taylor, Mark Wharton, Adrian Smith, Mike Dando, Mark Durgan, Simon French, Michael Gilham, Tim Bayes, Duncan Harrison, Paul Watson, Andie Brown, John Wiese, Johnny Scarr, Phillipe, Bill Kouligas, Peter + Richard, Pizza Hut and the good lady of Forest was a weekend I shall never forget. (and Forest beat Millwall 3-1)!!

1: "Sold Out"
2: Storm Bugs live.
3: Phil & Steve (Storm Bugs) at the bar.
4: Petals & Plurals.
5: The New Blockaders live.
6: Bill Kouligas live.
7: Mike Dando, Phil Julian & Michael Gilham.
8: Phil Taylor and DJ Idwal Fisher.
9: Dieter Muh sound check.
10 & 11: Dieter Muh live.
(Dieter Muh photos by Tim Bayes).
12: Phillipe, Tim & Simon chill between performances.
13: Con-Dom live.

Dieter Muh #46 (Video)

Dieter Muh live at the RAMMEL WEEKENDER

Dieter Muh live at the RAMMEL WEEKENDER

About this video:
"Live at the RAMMEL WEEKENDER, The Chameleon Arts Cafe, Nottingham (UK)

About Dieter Muh:
Murky sound sculptures that verge on aural surrealism from a project rarely glimpsed in the wild.

About Rammel Weekender:
HARBINGER SOUND and RAMMEL CLUB present a weekend of deranged sound blah. Pummeling riffs, abstract sound art, heavy electronics, dancefloor action, late license, punk legends, free jazz and improv we gots it all"

Friday, 9 March 2012

Clew Of Theseus #2

Just spent a pleasant while listening to the latest release from Clew Of Theseus. "Rehearse The Right Life", a C30 cassette on Kentucky based label Husk Records.
Two 15 minute pieces of isolation drones, quite minimalistic and intricate, both tracks (pieces) present an overall picture of sadness. Clever stuff that works at minimum and maximum volume. If there is one little bit of "criticism" here I would say that there is too much use of the varispeed/pitchshift device on "Steep All In Grey"...but it doesn't detract! ... probably shouldn't have mentioned it.

More than likely limited, so get in touch now with Husk Records / Josh Lay at :

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Trepaneringsritualen #2

It seems that once in a while a new sound comes from Sweden that makes me prick up my ears, listen and get excited about "music". It can probably be traced back to first hearing The Leather Nun and their "Slow Death" 7" on Industrial Records in 1979, and then White Stains and their releases on TOPYScandanavia. Phauss (and the solo works of C.M. Von Hausmouse), Kent Tankred, Leif Elggren follow on, then to work by composers such as Ingrid Engaras, Henrik Rylander and Carl Abrahamsson. Sweden has produced some great artists over the past thirty five years.
This century I have been listening to Karmanjakan Intonarumori, Survival Unit, The Members Of Tinnitus, Treriksroset, Alfarmania, Proiect Hat, Bestializer and Pestdemon (amongst others)...and now Trepaneringsritualen.

I have mentioned before, it is the name that attracted me - an excellent name that does exactly what it says on the tin! Trepaneringsritualen are dark, menacing, occult and visceral to the senses. Recently the head Trepanner (Thomas Ekelund) has released two limited cassettes on his new label Belaten. "Roi Perdu" (The Lost King) was originally released 2 years ago by Swedish label Ideal Recordings. Then the edition was 23 copies - the reissue is 50 copies.
Side A begins with "De La Mer"; a slow drumming mantra surrounded by insects, leading in to "Le Seul Vrai Roi" a dark piece with a menacing growling underbelly. Side B and "Champ Sacre" plays like a funeral dirge for a dying beast. Again, there is this growling (tre)panning from ear to ear. I don't know whether or not it is a vocal effect technique or a sample but Thomas has got Mahomed's growl off to a tee! The cassette ends on "Decoupage De L'Orme". A barren wasteland where the wind carries the screams of the dying and battle fallen. Cracking stuff and all on a C20 cassette.
The third Belaten release is another C20 cassette limited to 50 copies. "Edifice Of Nine Suavastikas". This release is a split between AEther and Trepaneringsritualen. I have no idea who Aether is/are...but I imagine them/he/her to be Swedish (and probably called Thomas). AEther's edifice is a bass rumble drifting across a frozen tundra. calming and not too far from the work of UK outfit Marzuraan. Trepaneringsritualen's edifice begins with a series of explosions. Chaos is brought upon us with the shaking of cages, a beast awakes. Dark sinister powerful noise. By the end of the tape I am reminded of Finnish group Temple Of Tiermes, they too explored auditory hallucinogenics...excellent stuff - and I would say recommended but I do know that both tapes have sold out at source and have now become collectors items! Thomas has mentioned a re-release already...maybe as (I hope not, but maybe) a digital download. Also this week came the Trepaneringsritualen 10"EP "Deathward, To The Womb" on the Swedish label Release The Bats, but I've only played this record the I'm not going to say much about it here other than (on first listen) it sounds like a classic!

Thomas Ekelund's project before Trepaneringsritualen was the atrociously named Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words. To me it sounds like the title of an Agatha Christie short story, or one of those "airport novel" thrillers, not a name to go out and discover. But with Trepaneringsritualen sounding so bloody damn good I decided to dip my ear in to the sound of....
On the recommendation of my Swedish friend Morten I bought the CD album "Lost In Reflections", released by the US label Killer Pimp. Awful band name, awful label name, what was there to lose? I had seen this album on the Unrest Productions distro list a couple of years back, but the name just put me off.
"Lost In Reflections" is one of the most surprising sounds I have heard for a long time. To quote Crispy Ambulance "Not What I Expected".
I read a little piece of blurb about the album and it seems to be Thomas's response to being diagnosed with a personality disorder. The album is made of six tracks. Five sketches and one 20 minute masterpiece. The sketches are built around prepared and played guitar, bells, chimes and synthesizers. Although the sound is isolatory and moribund - incredibly inward - it is also incredibly pleasurable. Being of an age I was reminded of work by Nurse With Wound, Soviet France, Nocturnal Emissions and Durutti Column.
The final track "Himmelschreibenden Herzen" (A heart written in the sky) is a piece of programme music...a neo-classical masterpiece. Stirring stuff.
I fear that I have chanced upon this project too late as (like Trepaneringsritualen) releases are ultra limited and now long gone. I picked up this CD from Amazon for a was their last copy. I am in Sweden next month.....I'm going to be hunting out the record shops!!!

1: "Deathward, To The Womb" 10"
2: Belaten tapes.
3: Dead Letters Spell Dead Words CD Cover.
4: Thomas Ekelund in performance.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Nuit Et Brouillard (The Catalogue)

Today I was hunting for an old magazine and chanced upon an old Nuit Et Brouillard catalogue. This stopped me in my tracks and I closed the lid of the suitcase I was looking through and settled down to read the pages....Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words on the stereo. Lovely.
I did used to have a collection of Nuit Et Brouillard catalogues, where they have all gone is a mystery...
Back in the days before online shopping the way to buy "decent" stuff was through catalogues such as Nuit Et Brouillard. There was also RRRecords, Cheeses International and Tesco Org. Distribution - they too provided lovely catalogues two or three times a year. Although basically the catalogue is just a list of releases with a description, with N&B I felt that I wasn't being given the "hard sell", their descriptions were honest and it was obvious that they had listened to the release and given thought in to words...not just reprinted some promo blurb. The catalogues were superbly laid out - Record labels listed alphabetically by country. So simple.
I used to love the way that after a description of the sound N&B would add...."to discover". Brilliant...and discover I did.
The first time I saw a Nuit Et Brouillard catalogue was in the house of Mick McDaid (he of Outsider Records) in Lincoln. Then on a rainy night in Northern Belgium in 1998 I found myself at a gig where there was a N&B stall. I bought and signed up to their mailing list.

The onset of the digital age and the worldwide web has seen the printed catalogue disappear. A great shame, as the catalogues were (in their own way) great works of literature / graphic design. I used to spend (enjoyable) evenings with the N&B catalogue making lists of what I would love to buy and/or hear. Back in those days I didn't used to have a television set (or a wife)!
Just over a couple of years ago I was lucky enough to spend a few days at the house of Nuit Et Brouillard in Lille (France), guests of Stephane & Sylvie, and I saw their stock! They are still a great distribution outlet and live promotion outfit.
I have just spent the last couple of hours lost in their 2001 (update) catalogue. It's a fascinating read.


1: Nuit Et Brouillard 2001 Catalogue.
2: Sylvie of N&B with Oscar Cammack reading comics in a Lille bar. 2009.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

(State Of Play):Dieter Muh March 2012

Dieter Muh update for March 2012.
This month will see Dieter Muh perform in Nottingham, the first time since 2006. Later (hopefully in Springtime) there will be a new (vinyl) LP released by the German label Verlautbarung. Provisionally entitled "Heterodoxie" the album features studio recordings from 2009 - 2012 AD. (After Dave). The LP features contributions from Tim Bayes, Phil Julian, Simon Kane and Michael Parker. More information can be found by contacting Verlautbarung / Bruno Ebers at - also soon is the cassette release "Hanging A Blind Dog" on Hanson Records. This is a cassette of live recordings made in Paris and London during 2010, reports of which are littered about this blog site.
In April Dieter Muh return to The Fylkingen in Stockholm to play live alongside Dusa + Contrastate.
Imminent is a Dieter Muh interview in Lithuanian Magazine "Terror" (issue #2), - it was an interview I did throughout 2010/11, also "Special Interests" magazine #7 features my essential Top 10 albums. "Special Interests" is available through all the major underground electronics distributors.

1: Verlautbarung Logo.
2: Not the sleeve for the Hanson Records cassette, but a cassette sleeve!