Wednesday, 27 February 2013

430 Schallplatten (Rumpsti Pumpsti Gallery, Berlin).

Whilst in Berlin I managed to make it to Daniel Lowenbruck's shop; "Rumpsti Pumpsti (Musik)", the kind of record and tape shop we British only dream about (since the closing of These Records). Part of the shop has a gallery / exhibition / performance space and showing now is the Mario Passarotto exhibition called "Es Hangt Ein Pferdehalfter And Der Wand (What Is Love)". Beautifully displayed is 430 vinyl records that reached number one in the German charts from its inception in 1953 up until 1993 when CD Singles sales also counted thus making Happaway's "What Is Love" the final (exclusively) vinyl single ever to reach number one in Germany.
It is a fascinating idea. Chatting to Mario the idea came when he and Daniel were listening to the radio and realised how many "old tunes" they knew the words of, and how pop songs had seeped into their sub-conscious. Audio osmosis in action. This sparked off the plan to collect all 430 number ones and like true record collectors - it is only vinyl that matters.
The collection begins with a few 10" shellacs...including the first number one by Die Killma Haiwaiians. Back in the 1950's it was quite often that the song and not necessarily the artist that reached number one so the same song could be sung by two or three artists and in two or three different languages, it was the sales figures for the song that determined the chart position. The 1960's was the boom of the picture sleeve and the novelty song with some of the sleeves appearing quite "sinister" with pictures of folk who should be on a sexual register rather than a top twenty chart.
It is a great exhibition, and for an old vinyl and chart nut like me unmissable. If you are in Berlin please pop along. Rumpsti Pumpsti (Musik) is on Weser Strasse in the Neue Koln district. Mario was saying that the exhibition may tour. 

To commemorate the exhibition Mario has released a double cassette featuring some of his friends and favourite artists to do a cover version of their favourite number one, I picked a copy up but have yet to play ... also Daniel Lowenbruck has layered all 430 records into one track...this I have played and is quite superb. Noise?...yes, but with rhythms and loops to hold on to and a fantastic end that I will not ruin! This is a one sided 12" available at the exhibition and released by Rumpsti Pumpsti Editions label.

1: Die Killma Haiwaiians.
2: Exhibition Leaflet
3: Happaway. (What Is Love?...Where Is He Now?).
4: Mario Passarotto.
5 & 6: Pictures Of An Exhibition.
7 & 8: "36 Aus 430 Von 30" cassette cover. (Packaged like a 7" picture sleeve). 
9: The 12"
10: Rumpsti Pumpsti (Musik) Shoppe ...

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Dieter Muh #48 : NK Projekt, Berlin. 15/02/2013

The 48th live performance of Dieter Muh took place at the NK Projekt. The performance was an "experimental" affair with myself being joined by Michael Parker on home made electronics and roto-balilika.
I like the NK. I visited last year to witness The New Blockaders and Vagina Dentata Organ rip the place is nice to still see Jordi's blood on the walls. NK is one of the finest venues I have ever "played". 
Also appearing were Allseits and Feine Trinkers Bei Pinkels Daheim, two of Germany's finest.
Allseits (Nina Kernicke) filled the venue with trance like drone walls that had the seated audience hypnotised. Creating loops from guitar, found sound and percussion..very akin to the sound of fellow Bremenites Troum. Loud it was beautiful.
Feine Trinkers Bei Pinkels Daheim created a wondrous racket using radiowaves, turntable looping and contact mic's. I saw F.T.B.P.D. live in London a few years back and t(he)y remain one of my favourite live sounds. Watching Jurgen "fidget" around his table of gadgets and then listen to the sounds created is fantastical.
Dieter Muh crawled onto the stage at around 1 in the morning! Michael and I had played around with sounds together on a couple of occasions but wanted to leave the improvised nature (and sound) fresh for this gig. I have listened to the gig (Thanks Julian for mailing it so quickly ... and cheers Tim for putting on CDr) and there are moments that the sound really worked, but there are moments where my concentration lapsed and sound levels were flying about the place. It was strange being a "two-piece" again after four years of solo performances.

It had been an ambition of mine since the age of (about) 16 to play live in Berlin, and now realised the ambition, and fully enjoyed the experience. The sound will be totally different in June though at the Berlin Epicurean Escapism Event.
If anyone took pictures of Dieter Muh live please get in touch as I have none for my "archives".  

1: NK Logo.
2: Jurgen & Nina play an impropmtu improvised set waiting for the doors to open.
3: Allseits.
4: Feine Trinkers Bei Pinkels Daheim.
5: Mario + Nina play with fire(works).
6: Michael entertaining post gig.  

Monday, 25 February 2013

Secondhand Record Shops #18 : Comeback Records, Berlin.

Berlin is a beautiful city to go secondhand record shopping in but there is a problem, the problem (for me) being that the shops are not in one district but spread across the (huge) city. Underground train travel is cheap...very cheap...but I was in Berlin when it was -5 degrees and snowing so I stuck to the Neue Koln area and found "Comeback Records" on Hasenheide (Just off Karl Marx Strasse). The shop is mainly rock stock but had a fair supply of "New Wave" where I saw Shoes For Industry, Miller/Rental, Coil + Motor Boys Motor albums all going for a decent price (between 5 and 10 euro). There is also a few boxes of 7" singles under the racks ... under the racks! I have pensioners knees, the days of being on all fours in record shops flicking through vinyl for a rare Metabolist 7" or a copy of "I'm In Love With A German Filmstar" by The Passions are passing. I recommend visiting the shop if in Berlin.
The same day I also found a shop called "Cortex" on Orienberger Strasse, but it was mainly GBH/Nirvana type "punk".....
I also visited a flea market in the Tiergarten that operates on Saturday and Sunday mornings..I saw an Anima LP and Hansa-Plast LP that I wish I had bought, but my bag was full after shopping at Daniel Lowenbruck's "Rumpsti-Pumpsti" shop which is a must if you are ever in Berlin .. but more of that at a later date.
My next visit to Berlin is in June, hopefully the weather will be more conducive to secondhand record shopping...the shops are out there ...

1: Comeback Records.
2: Map drawn for me by Mario (Krube) ... it helped!

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Emil Beaulieau

I have managed to get a copy of the Emil Beaulieau "Anti-Record" that was made especially for the newly opened Fylkingen Record Store in Stockholm. "Driven To Extremes" displays 4 high definition photographs of car dashboards and accessories as well as one of a huge inflatable. Quality stuff. The record itself seems to be sprayed gold then sandpapered smooth. The gatefold sleeve is itself held together by strong electrical tape.
A prized possession.
My son Oscar likes the record..the art work was quite difficult explaining what an anti-record was and how that if I gave it a spin it would ruin my record deck and stylus. Oscar had never come across the word "Anti" before. (I must play him some early Clock DVA...ha)...

1: The Front Sleeve.
2: The Anti-Vinyl.
3: Oscar displays the gatefold ... 

MuhMur SoundArt Radio Broadcast 21/02/2013

This is the tenth in an on going series of broadcasts to accompany this blogspot. No sessions or themes this time as the programme was put together around the Dieter Muh performance in Berlin. One artist I was going to "highlight" was Aeronaut and his new cassette "Coroanal Mass" on Fabrica Records, a beautiful C36 of layering Kosmische drone but unfortunately the Soundart Radio studio cassette machine decided to have a breakdown just as Side A started, it is on the recording. I quickly edited and the programme featured more Minny Pops, Zero Kama and Inade than was supposed to happen...but that's not a bad thing, eh? I hope the machine will be fixed for the next broadcast (March 7) as I have an Astral Social Club "exclusive session" to play and will be featuring the work of Neil Campbell...and I've just bought his "RRR Recycled" cassette!
The programme is now available for listening at Mixcloud. Please go to:
***** *****
Once again, thnaks for listening and your comments are always welcome. (Here's the playlist).

1: Aeronaut : "Coronal Mass" (Edit)  (Fabrica Records) 2013.
2: This Heat : "24 Track Loop"  (This Is) 2006.
3: Andrew Chalk : "Kaze Tai Gatzu"  (An'archives) 2013.
4: Nurse With Wound : "A New Dress (Remix)"  (United Dairies) 1996.
5: Organum : "Keloid"  (L.A.Y.L.A.H. Antirecords) 1986.
6: Xambuca : "80 a L'acphyxie"  (Thisco) 2013.
7: The Stargazers Assistant : "Kellarinauhat Part One"  (Thisco) 2013.
8: Lustmord : "IXAXAAR"  (Side Effects) 1992.
9: Inade : "Signals From 68 Dimensions Part 1&2"  (Cold Spring Records) 1996.
10: Clock DVA : "The Connection Machine"  (Interfisch Records) 1988.
11: Dieter Muh : "Wood Land"  (Wholeness Recordings) 1999.
12: Religious Overdose : "Control Addicts"  (Glass Records) 1981.
13: Minny Pops : "Kojak"  (Plurex Records) 1979.
14: Minny Pops : "Footsteps"  (Plurex Records) 1979.
15: Minny Pops : "Nervous"  (Plurex Records) 1979.
16: Minny Pops : "Dolphin's Spurt (Remix)"  (Les Tempes Modernes) 2004.
17: Zero Kama : "Liber Al. 1.13"  (Athanor) 2008.
18: Zero Kama : "V.V.V.V.V."  (Athanor) 2008.
19: Zero Kama : "Post Mortem:The Sea Of Cefalu"  (Athanor) 2008.

1: Relaxed in the DJ chair!
2: Dave (The Engineer).

Saturday, 9 February 2013

MuhMur SoundArt Radio Broadcast: 07/02/2013

I apologise for lack of posts recently. Time has not been on my side, working longer hours, children being ill and the constant rehearsing for next weeks performance in Berlin has all conspired to me not being able to sit down and listen to what has come through the doors of Hartop Towers ... and scribble some notes and thoughts. Some great sounds have come through the doors; factor X, The German Shepherds (thanks for the nod Kristian), Troum, Phil Julian, Dale Cornish, Claus Poulson, Dave Phillips LP on Second Sleep, Unune, Edward Sol, Astral Social Club ... I even found Dave Uden selling his records on EBay and bought an Anti Group LP (or is that "won" .. as we all know life is a competition and useless without winners).    
The third SoundArt Radio programme of 2013 was a relaxed affair with me just bringing along a bag of favourite records and CD's to the studio. No sessions or themes this time.
The programme is available for listening on Mixcloud. Please visit:
***** *****

Here's the playlist:
1: Troum : "Untitled" (Equation Records) 2008.
    (from the double album "Sen")
2: Dome : "Breathsteps" (Dome Records) 1980
3: Soviet France : "Norsch Baelmaen" (Red Rhino Records) 1983.
4: Throbbing Gristle : "Very Friendly" (Not On Label)
    (from the "Live in Heaven 2009" performance #2)
5: Club Moral : "Dedicated To..." (Vinyl On Demand) 2011.
6: Robert Turman & Aaron Dilloway : "Blizzard #3" (Hanson Records) 2009.
7: Rene Halkett & David Jay : "Armour" (4AD Records) 1981.
8: Feine Trinkers Bei Pinkels Daheim : "Urethrate Schikanen" (Silken Tofu) 2011.
9: Rema Rema : "Feedback Song" (WEA Records) 1981.
    (from the compilation LP "Natures Mortes-Still Lives")
10: Nurse With Wound : "Rock n' Roll Station" (United Dairies) 1994.
11: Trepaneringsritualen : "Black Heaven/White Hell" (Verlautbarung/Stromkarlen) 2012.
12: Portion Control : "Bombay C.I.D." (In Phaze Records) 1984.
13: Ilya Volkswagens : "Kill Myself" (Mechanical Reproductions) 1981.
14: Stimulus : "Concrete Bridge To Void" (Beta Lactum Ring Records) 2001.
15: Desmond Simmons : "Counterpane" (Dome Records) 1981.
16: Desmond Simmons : "By Air Or By Sea" (Dome Records) 1981.
17: Colin Newman : "B" (Beggars Banquet Records) 1980.

Thanks a lot for listening and the messages - keep them coming!!

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Dieter Muh Live Performance List

A few comments came through that folk were surprised that Dieter Muh have played forty odd live performances since 1994.'s a list of them.

1: York. Bonding Warehouse. 20/10/94.
2: Nottingham. The Narrowboat. 17/12/94. (with Olympic Shitman + Ramleh)
3: Bradford. The 1 in 12 Club. 21/01/95. (with Zoviet France)
4: Bradford. The 1 in 12 Club. 25/08/95. (with Scorn)
5: York. Fibbers. 29/08/95.

All the above were Dieter Muh as: Steve Cammack / Dave Uden / Tim Bayes.

6: Lincoln. Grafton House. 12/06/98. (with Cacophony '3.3')
7: Nottingham. The Old Vic. 08/07/98. (with Government Alpha + M:S:B:R)
8: Sint Niklaas. O.J.C. Kompas. 31/10/98. (with Troum + Konstruktivists + LD50)
9: London. The Red Rose. 05/08/99. (with Inade + Con-Dom + The Grey Wolves)
10: Leeds. The Fentom Arms. 08/08/99. (with Inade + The Grey Wolves)
11: Nottingham. Bunkers Hill. 04/11/99. (with Das Synthetische Mischgewebe)
12: London. The Brixton Windmill. 13/11/99. (with Das Synthetische Mischgewebe + Colin Potter)
13: London. The Red Rose. 12/05/00. (with Dual + Ora + Joshua Norton Cabal)
14: Jyvaskyla. Iloviki Restaurant. 01/06/00. (with Putrefier)
15: Mantsala. The Seurojentalo. 03/06/00. (with Putrefier + Temple Of Tiermes + Strom e.c)
16: Dresden. A.Z.Conni. 11/06/00. (with Putrefier + Ultra Milkmaids)
17: Leipzig. Club Zoro. 12/06/00. (with Putrefier)
18: London. The Red Rose. 09/02/01. (with The Digitariat + Knifeladder + Bad Sector)
19: Stockholm. Fylkingen. 17/11/01. (with Cotton Ferox + Treriksroset + Vibrasag)
20: London. The Red Rose. 10/05/02. (with Cthonic Force + Mimetic)
21: London. The Elektrowerkz. 21/08/02. (with Arkkon + Knifeladder)
22: London. The 291 Gallery. 05/12/02. (with Penny Rimbaud + Cotton Ferox + Karl Blake)
23: Exeter. The Cavern. 15/12/02. (with Germseed + King Mob Collective + Concrete Cancer)
24: Cleckheaton. The Mead Hall. 04/07/03. (with The Ceramic Hobs)
25: Augsburg. Kantine. 23/11/03. (with Genocide Organ + Derniere Volante)
26: London. The October Gallery. 05/12/03. (with Cotton Ferox + Current 93)
27: London. The Horse Hospital. 13/03/04.
28: London. The Slimelight. 24/07/04. (with Knifeladder + Naevus)
29: Manchester. The Retro Bar. 01/10/04. (with The Grey Wolves)
30: Bristol. The Cube Microplex Cinema. 29/10/04. (with Putrefier + Stimulus)
31: London. The Fringe. 14/05/05. (with The Groop + Tropics Of Cancer)
32: Bristol. The Full Moon. 04/06/05. (with Anenzephalia + Anti Valium)
33: Nottingham. The Old Angel. 17/04/06. (with Consumer Electronics + Prurient)
34: Leipzig. Der Anker. 06/06/06. (with Novy Svet + Apoptose + Land:Fire)
35: London. Bardens Boudoir. 01/08/06. (with Hair Police)
36: Exeter. The Cavern 25/03/07. (with Mark Durgan + Astral Social Club)
37: Exeter. The Cavern. 13/03/08. (with Nocturnal Emissions)
38: London. St Giles In The Field Church. 18/04/09. (with Skullflower)
39: London. Conway Hall. 14/06/09. (with The Anti Group + The Threshold House Boys Choir)

The above performances were Dieter Muh as Steve Cammack and Dave Uden. Pete Bright guested on vocals at #18, and Gaya Donadio guested on vocals at #22. At #26 + #31 we were joined by Lon Milo DuQuette. All the performances below Dieter Muh are / is Steve Cammack.

40: London. The Ivy House.19/03/10 (with Plurals + Lion Lies Down + Rajinder)
41: Exeter. The Cavern. 03/08/10. (with Silver Apples)
42: Paris. Le Yono. 10/09/10 (with Praying For Oblivion + Bulanz Orgabar + Pentothal)
43: London. The Others. 09/12/10. (with BBBlood + Cheapmachines + Aqua Dentata)
44: Helsinki. Malmitalo. 15/04/11. (with Grey Park)
45: London. The Brixton Windmill. 17/09/11. (with Kylie Minoise + Z'ev + Andrew Perry)
46: Nottingham. The Chameloen Arts Centre. 11/03/12. (with Con-Dom + John Weise)
47: Stockholm. Fylkingem. 28/04/12. (with Contrastate + Kristian Olsson + White + Dusa)
48: Berlin. NK Projekt. 15/02/13. (with Allseits + Feine Trinkers Bei Pinkels Daheim)
49: Berlin. Marie-Antoinette. 15/06/13. (with Trepaneringsritualen + Anemone Tube + Ke/Hil) 
50: Bremen. The Elefant. 12/10/13. (with Tarkatak + B*Tong)
51: Hamburg. Gangeviertel. 13/10/13. (with Feine Trinkers Bei Pinkels Daheim + B*Tong)
52: Dartington. Studio 20. 13/11/13. (with Shokku + The Oima Orchestra + Germseed)
53: London. Elektrowerkz. 26/04/14. (with Black LIght Ascension + M.A.O.)
54: Lille. El Diablo. 29/11/14. (with Cent Ans De Solitude + Le Syndicat)
55: London. Cafe OTO. 20/03/16. (with Aaron Dilloway + Vicky Langan + Thurston Moore)

1: Early 1995 flyer.
2: Shouting at the 1 in 12, Bradford. 1995.
3: Performing "Serves You Right" at the Bunkers Hill, Nottingham. 1999.
4: Dresden flyer. 2000.
5: Red Rose, London. 2002.
6: Elektrowerkz, London. 2002. (pic by Carl Abrahamsson).
7: Augsburg Flyer. 2003.
8: Performing "Sutreworde" at Der Kantine, Augsburg. 2003.
9: Flyer for Barry Hale's "Heralding The Apocalypse" exhibition. Horse Hospital. 2004.
10: Der Anker, Leipzig. 2006.
11: Flyer for St Giles In The Field Church concert. 2009.
12: Performing "Burning People" at The Conway Hall, london. 2009.
13: Exeter Cavern 2010.
14: Berlin Marie Antoinette 2013.