Friday, 27 November 2015

MuhMur Radio SoundArt Radio Broadcast : 26/11/2015

This could well be the last "live" broadcast of 2015. For the second time this year MuhMur Radio had a "guest programme maker". Mathew F. Riley built the playlist and played the records (and odd CD) for the night. Mathew is the former editor of 1990's magazine "Music From The Empty Quarter" and creator of "Immerse" magazine. Mathew now lives and works in Devon. Please copy & paste.
The next programme will be on the 10th of December and will be pre-recorded. Details to follow. Also in the pipeline is a 4 or 5 hour Xmas Special, again details will follow - please kep an eye on the MuhMur twitter page and Facebook profile.

01 : Richards Chartier : "Static Forms" (Materialverlag) 2015.
02: Michael Northam : "When Inaccessible" (And/OAR) 2015.
03: Asmus Tietchens : "Ornament 4" (Line) 2015.
04: Sam McLoughlin : "Crazywell Pool" (Devon Folklore Tapes) 2015.
05: Howlround : "Mount Shock" (The Fog Signals) 2015.
06: Howlround : "A Viewless Sea" (The Fog Signals) 2015.
07: Egisto Macchi : "Il Sahara" (AYNA Records) 2015.
08: Julian A. Lacroix : "The Death Of Gudea" (Upside Down Recordings) 2014.
09: Gabriel Saloman : "Gaguku" (Shelter Press) 2015.
10: Carl Michael Von Hauswolff : "Cementerio Del Norte" (Auf Abwegen) 2015.
11: Pietro Riparbelli : "Senza Forma" (Dirter Promotions) 2015.

01 : Playlist.
02: Mathew, in the darkness and amongst the vinyl. Soundart Studios.

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Notes From The "Popside" #7

After last seasons debacle of trying to watch Torquay United take on Lincoln City at Plainmoor, 2 attempts before third time lucky and then Lincoln City losing out to an obvious "off-side" goal, I did promise to never enter through the gates of Plainmoor again. Unless (of course) Lincoln City failed promotion and they meet in the 2015/16 season or Torquay United draw Nottigham Forest in the FA Cup. All this can be read about in "Notes From The Popside #6". (

Saturday November 21 was a gloriously sunny day on the English Riviera, and it hadn't rained since Thursday- there was no postponing this game due to a waterlogged pitch. Gloriously sunny and freezing cold. Torquay United have changed managers since I was last here, and a lot of the playing / coaching staff have left as well. Torquay United are a club in financial crisis and perhaps this is why it cost me £18 to get through the gates. Luckily children under 11 got in free.
It was good to see Lincoln City in their regular red & white stripe kit, taking me back to the days when I used to watch them "on the Bank" in the 1970's. I was never LTE, but I was there. They played some good football, they seemed to have a "game plan" which is more than could be said for Torquay United. Lincoln City seemed to play it on the floor, keep the ball moving whereas Torquay were quite happy to "Hoof n' Head" the ball. Unfortunately the Torquay keeper had a nightmare of a game. Dan Lavercombe. Nervous and slow, and whoever told Shepherd Murombedzi he could play football must've been drunk. He had the touch of the Sterling's about him. Ran with the ball, a few step overs to slow the pace and then either forget the ball, or forget what he was supposed to do with it. Terrible to see at this level.
Lincoln City were worthy winners. 3-1, with a brace from Luke Waterfall and a great shot from (my) Man Of The Match Liam Hearn. One thousand one hundred folk watched this, with one hundred and seventeen making the journey from Lincoln. Next time this game happens, I'm in the "away end".

I enjoyed myself so much I might go to Plainmoor again this season.

1: £18!
2: What is "Rock Soud"?
3: Midfield action.
4: Oscar (in Red) and his mate Cameron.
5: More Midfiels action.

Friday, 13 November 2015

MuhMur Radio SoundArt Radio Broadcast : 12/11/2015.

I should have opened the programme with "Stormy Weather", it was blowing a gale and clearing the trees of their leaves. Public transport disrupted due to burst gas mains and fallen trees. Thanks to Tamsin (Mrs. MuhMur) I made it to the studio on time. "The show must go on".
Tonights programme featured an hour (or so) of material from Osaka based artist Kazuya Ishigami. Back in the 1990's I used to correspond with Kazuya, trading Dieter Mũh Cdr's and tapes for his work as Daruin and compilations he released on his Neus-318. Movement and time and correspondence fell by the wayside, and then Kazuya wrote via this blog thanking me for a Daruin "review" of sorts …

More information about the work(s) of Kazuya can be found at the following links. Please copy + paste : and the Neus 318 label :

Also in "the mix" are two singles released on the same day by 4AD Records, Mass & Modern English. Both still sounding fresh after 35 years!
Please copy + paste : I hope you enjoy.

01: Bokor : "Melbourne (Daruin Re-Mix)"  (Neus-318) 1999.
02: Kazuya Ishigami : "Story Of Assaji"  (Neus-318) 2009.
03: Billy? : "MI1"  (Test Tone Musik/Neus-318) 2012.
04: Kazuya Ishigami : "Electroacoustic Work (Remix)"  (Not On Label) 2015.
     (Piece exclusively produced for MuhMur Radio,)
05: Billy? : "MIK"  (Test Tone Musik/Neus-318) 2012.
06: Ø : "Mikro Makro #C"  (Noton/Rastermusik) 1997.
07: Cheapmachines : "Quiet Trade #3" (Strange Rules) 2015.
08: Hula : "Ignoring The Famine"  (Red Rhino Records) 1982.
09: The Conet Project : "Phonetic Alphabet-NATO"  (Irdial Discs) 1997.
10: Emaciator : "Premontion"  (Not Not Fun Records) 2008.
11: Mass : "You & I"  (4AD Records) 1980.
12: Modern English : "Gathering Dust"  (4AD Records) 1980.
13: Thee Majesty : "Thee Nature Ov Control"  (Blossoming Noise) 2007.
14: The Tards : "Wind-Up Doll"  (Sympathy For The Record Industry) 1995.
15: Kazuya Ishigami : "Senritsunokami"  (Neus-318) 2015.

The next programme will be on November 26 and feature a special "Guest Mix" from Mathew F. Riley.  20:00 gmt -

01: Playlist.
02: Kazuya Ishigami CDR.
03: Kazuya Ishigami.