Friday, 12 May 2017

MuhMur Radio SoundArt radio Broadcast 11:05:2017.

This programme is mainly built of new releases that have come through the door of MuhMur Radio in the past couple of weeks. Stephen Cornford's "Pinched Tapes #1" on Ger√§uschmanufaktur label starting the proceedings … A (nearly) 15 minute piece combining a John Cage string quartet and a found story tape of "Jack & The Beanstalk". Originally released in 2009 on ArtEx Sonora. The tape manipulations follow with a piece from Stuart Chalmers pulled from the excellent "split" CD with BBBlood + Posset. Phil Julian recorded the air conditioning in a New York hotel and turned it into a sonic masterpiece! The Peter Fengler track is from a limited one sided lathe cut 7", hence the lo-fi sound.
April saw the release of the new LP from Aaron Dilloway. "The Gag File" on Dais Records. Side A ends the broadcast. A great discovery over the past couple of weeks has been Filtro. An Italian project on Upside Down Recordings. I know little about this project - and big thanks to UDR for mailing it!
37 years ago to the day SPK released "Mekano / Slogun" on Industrial Records.

Last weekend I met up with J. Karpov of MNEM in London. I have known Juri now for nigh on 20 years, and seeing that he was close by (in Leuven, Belgium) we decided to meet halfway (in London) for a tour of London's secondhand vinyl shops and pubs. It made me dig out my copy of the MNEM CD "For Delta Relics" and play a track.

                                                Drinking at The OTO with Juri Karpov.

Take a listen to the broadcast here: (Copy & Paste).        
01: Stephen Cornford : "Pinched Tapes #1" (GeräuschManufaktur) 2017.
02: Stuart Chalmers : "Birth Of The Bamboo Medusa" (Crow Vs Crow Editions) 2017.
03: Phil Julian : "Aperture" (Entr'acte) 2017.
04: Peter Fengler : "Vegetarians" (Ultra Eczema) 2017.
05: S.P.K. : "Metal Field" (Walter Ulbricht Schallfollen) 1983.
06: Gonzo : "Radio Kampala" (Discrepant) 2017.
07: Ramleh : "Phenol" (Harbinger Sound) 2017.
08: S.P.K. : "Mekano" (Industrial Records) 1980.
09: Troum : "Nahtscato" (Paranoise Records) 2005.
10: Big Sky : "Woodlawn Snake" (Divergent Series) 2017.
11: MNEM : "The Late Nuance" (Kaos Kontrol) 2003.
12: Filtro : "Riflesso Part One, Perno" (Upside Down Recordings) 2017.
13: Aaron Dilloway : "Ghost" (Dais Records) 2017.
14: Aaron Dilloway : "Karaoke With Cal" (Dais Records) 2017.
15: Aaron Dilloway : "Inhuman Form Reflected" (Dais Records) 2017.
16: Aaron Dilloway : "Born In A Maze" (Dais Records) 2017.