Tuesday, 20 March 2012

BBBlood #5

I recently took advantage of the exchange rate between the pound sterling and the dollar and searched cyberspace for some US sounds and came across a 25% discount deal with US distributors Small Doses. I ended up buying no US artistes but a fine package including a Ecka Liena/A Death Cinematic CDr, a Textured Bird Transmission CDr, an Andreas Brandal CDr (which has since broken because the wife went over my bag with the pram...anyone with a spare copy of Andreas Brandal " The Familiar Stranger" please get in touch) and the 3"CDr "BBBlood" by BBBlood. I also got a cracking Praying For Oblivion 7" from Carbon and a Six Heads cassette from Black Horizons but maybe more on those beauties at a later date.

I like BBBlood. I first came across this London based project by buying a split 7" he released with American noise merchants Al Qaeda. I had to buy a record by a band called Al Qaeda, an excellent name - imagine that on some live gig poster...excellent. Anyway, any chance of buying BBBlood product and I am there.
This eponymous 3" is comprised of two tracks. The first; "Flowers Of Flesh & Blood" is one of the most conventional pieces I have heard from BBBlood. Imagine "IBM" and "Medicine" by Throbbing Gristle and "Voice Of the Angel" by Organum mixed through a variety of effects pedals and the result is a soundtrack to an abstract action painting. Perle Fine / Albert Kotin. Beautiful. The track does wander off somewhat with the introduction of synthesized electronics, a harsh noise wall is created and it becomes a piece that wonders whether or not it should have some shouty-shouty vocals before (what sounds like The Baron) losing interest. Despite the title sounding like an out-take from a Rose Of Avalanche LP this track is a great air way cleaner. Crystal clear recording too.
"October 1966" follows. A short piece. A sketch, sound built around an excellent electronic loop. This track reminds of the one and only time I saw BBBlood live in London and it evokes the noise of Putrefier. Is the title remembering the death of Alma Cogan? The track sounds "live".

A great little EP, and for some reason a release that The Baron. The Baron Bum Blood. Paul Watson; is not happy with...he gives it a 4 / 5 on Discogs!
If spotted buy!


  1. October 1966, Thursday 6th: LSD is declared illegal in the United States.

  2. Thanks again, I'm glad you liked it. For me, it just didn't seem complete in a way. I was reading Aldous Huxley - The doors of perception about the same time I was recording this. I guess there's some influence there.