Wednesday, 19 August 2015

MuhMur Radio Sunday Special : 30 August 2015.

There will be an extra MuhMur Radio broadcast this month, as Harbinger Sound main man and vinyl addict Steve Underwood will present a special programme. Steve will be travelling down from Nottingham with a box of records to play, and maybe spill a few words of wisdom about the sounds he is spinning. The programme will be broadcast live on August 30 at 20:00 hours (gmt) and last for about 3 hours … If you are in the South Hams / Torbay area of Devon you can tune in to : SOUNDART RADIO 102.5 FM, or hear the live stream at the programme will (as always) be archived on MixCloud.
Later next month MuhMur will have author and former editor / sub-editor of "Music From The Empty Quarter" and "Immerse" magazines Mathew F. Riley presenting a special programme. Details will follow.

01: An artists impression.
02 & 03: Some of Steve's choice cuts.

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  1. Ask him when the next edition of As Loud As Possible will be published.