Friday, 7 August 2015

MuhMur Radio SoundArt Radio Broadcast 06 / 08 / 2015

Ten years after (and no sign of Alvin Lee). On tonights programme I played a piece by Koji Tano / M:S:B:R in memory of his passing ten years ago, and a piece from Michael Muennich to celebrate his first ten years as head of one of Germany's finest labels Fragment Factory. Also played a "Business Card" CDR by Kevin Sanders. I have no idea of the title, but it "might" be called "Last Breath". If anyone can help here please get in touch. The sad passing of Mancunian madman and poet John The Postman is also marked as is three pieces from the soon to be released Circuit Breaker LP. "My Descent Into Capital" will be released by Harbinger Sound on October 1.
Blue skies over SoundArt whilst broadcasting …

Please Cut & Paste & Listen :

For the first 16 minutes I listed Enhet För Fri Musik as "Dokumnet 1 Side 1" because if a band name is listed four or more times folk in certain countries such as USA can't hear the programme as it breaks copyright laws. (No me neither). So here I have play listed each track.

01: Enhet För Fri Musik : "Pä Väg Hem"
02: Enhet För Fri Musik : "Improvisation"
03: Enhet För Fri Musik : "Vaqqvisa"
04: Enhet För Fri Musik : "Det Lilla Som Finns Kvar Inam Oss"
05: Enhet För Fri Musik : "Jorden"
06: Enhet För Fri Musik : "Den Stig Va Vaudras På"
     (All tracks from the LP "Dokument 1" on Holidays Records. 2015).
07: Michael Muennich : "Zelphabet Soup" (Zelphabet) 2012.
08: M:S:B:R : "Electrovegetarianism (Part Two)" (Pinch-A-Loaf Productions) 1996.
09: Throbbing Gristle : "Greasy Spoon" (The Grey Area) 2007.
10: I.B.F. : "There Still There" (Harbinger Sound) 2008.
11: Helm : "Silencer 2" (Death Waltz Originals) 2015.
12: Kevin Sanders : "Last Breath" (Hairdryer Excommunication) 2015.
13: Clock DVA : "Ambiviolence" (Vinyl On Demand) 2015.
14: Circuit Breaker : "SE 1" (Harbinger Sound) 2015.
15: Circuit Breaker : "Commercial" (Harbinger Sound) 2015.
16: Circuit Breaker : "Fault" (Harbinger Sound) 2015.
17: Dome : "The Red Tent (Parts 1 & 2)" (The Grey Area) 1992.
18: Experimental Audio Research : "Data Rape (Part 9)" (Earworm) 1998.
19: John The Postman : "Mahatma Ghandi's Heartbreakers" (Overground Records) 1998.
20: Cabaret Voltaire : "Eastern Mantra" (Rough Trade Records) 1980.

The next programme will be broadcast on August 20.

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