Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Dead Wood / Phantom Heron Seas #3

Back with another Hairdryer Excommunication release and the C21 (I think) cassette by Dead Wood & Phantom Heron Seas. Since their first collaborative release , the 7" violent blue lathe cut flexi-plate on Dirty Demos I have become all ears for these two projects. Here we are presented with two new pieces. Side A gives us "Boundary Feature", a delicate and lonely piece with a nautical feel (a similar sound can be found on their "Microbes" 3"CDr on Dead Sea Liner Records). A small organ drones like an intro to an Ivor Cutler poem, before the sound of running water, a babbling brook enters. Dull chimes and small percussion rattle in the breeze. A soundtrack to a small seascape painting. File under "Music For Installations". Side B is entitled "Near the Tired Skies". Ten or so minutes of resonance and vibrations with contact microphonery - surface interference and irritation building to a mighty crescend moment. Micheal Muennich's "Zum Geleit" piece was brought to mind - the sound of hard rain on perspex and glass. File under "Music For Performance".
Another fine release. Adam and Alan (Dead Wood & Phantom Heron Seas) deliver the goods once more. The cassette comes encased in an oversized case in its' own plastic tray with insert. Limited to thirty copies this tape is available for £4.75 in the UK. Well worth it! Try www.hairdryerexcommunications.wordpress and follow the instructions.

1: The Cassette.
2: The Insert.

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