Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Sudden Infant:Noise In My Head

In the "every home should have one" section comes the book "Noise In My Head", an overview and insight into the workings of Swiss artist/noisician Joke Lanz. The book is packed with photographs from Sudden Infant performances and Joke's art aktions, as well as some of Joke's paintings (in colour). There's a comprehensive interview and some "essays" written by Sudden Infant aficionados and fans. "Road To Ruin" by Steve Underwood is a great piece...there's a book in that guy too! I wish I had a Sudden Infant "story" to tell, but unfortunately not. I have met Joke a couple of times at various gigs in the capital and I sampled his "Broken Glass" 7" to buggery - I think there's still one sample on my Roland SP 404. I have seen Sudden Infant live (on the same bill as The New Blockaders, Merzbow and Putrefier) but I cannot remember it at all (never go for a drink with Steve Fricker before a gig).
The most fascinating part of the book (for me) is the pages and pages of Sudden Infant performance posters and flyers, an excellent collection and a great pictorial "history of noise". I have books that are collections of album sleeves and single sleeves, it would be great to see a book dedicated to the "live" poster / flyer. Is there one out there? There's also a pictorial history of Sudden Infant releases. A great book that once read can be dipped into for pleasure and inspiration. Published in an edition of 300 by Marhaug Forlag (so don't hang about) and available (as all good things are) from Second Layer Records in the UK.

1: Isabel F. reads the synopsis of "Noise In My Head".

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