Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The Graying Lord (Radio Active)

Was browsing the internet the other day and came across a review of the Epicurean Escapism Festival that took place last month in Berlin. Problem being the review was written in German, so I got in touch with Stefan Hanser (The curator of the event) and asked what the review said. Stefan said that the guy liked the dense and intense wall of sound I created, but didn't like my stage antics! Stefan also mentioned that the review did not "google translate" very well as the guy / reviewer wrote in a surreal style. Ahhh, Google Translate - I didn't think of that ... so here is the review courtesy of Google Translate.

After a short break we continued with DIETER toil, which - as it is now dealing here with a one-man project, you can probably remain in good conscience in the singular - to me up to this point only by name a - fairly fuzzy - term was. And I must confess that even now the following appearance rather insignificant motivated me to look me in the future closer with the project. Well, the proffered Drone Noise-dark-ambient-mix was quite intense, full of the sound, and it piled up decent sound walls before and around the listener on, still the matter of my taste was a little shapeless, and the convenient watch sitting on the stage at his desk, graying Lord in turning knobs, the fascination factor increased only marginally. - Long story short: I can very well imagine that like white to tie in the domestic environment, this unfortunately managed to live less well. Is not excluded, however, that to me has simply been a lack of one's own ignorance DIETER familiarity with the work of toil in the way.

I am graying lord in turning knobs .. I like it, a term i shall happily carry with me. For the German review go to www.nonpop.de and search for Epicurean Escapism. The CD/DVD release is gathering positive reviews too.

At the same time as browsing I was uploading the MuhMur SoundArt Radio Broadcasts that happened in May, these are files that my new apple computer said were corrupted ... but it seems that it was just playing games with me. 
Please go for a listen to:

Thank You.

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