Friday, 12 July 2013

MuhMur SoundArt Radio Broadcast : 11/07/2013

Ahh, beautiful Dartington in the sunshine ... the Dartington literary festival is on at the moment, taking place across the grounds of the estate - a chance to sit outside on the lawn and sip lager whilst the great and the not so great wander about ... Richard & Judy, Melvyn Bragg, Marcus Brigstock, Paddy Ashdown etc etc ... very civilised. Dave and I enjoyed a few beers before tonight's programme, out in the sunshine.
Tonight's programme opened with Small Cruel Party and side 2 of the upcoming release from Harbinger Sound. "Unroof The House Of The Fishes" (Harbinger 116). It is a re-issue of a 1993 cassette originally put out by G.R.O.S.S. of Japan. Since Harbinger Sound released the triple CD set "An Accident In Substance" I have noticed a few folk discovering the sound of Small Cruel Party and discovering the beauty and body of work. SCP kind of stopped releasing about ten years ago, so I suppose his catalogue is alien to many. Anyway - the opening half hour or so is dedicated to Small Cruel Party.
Next broadcast is on July 25 and shall feature an "exclusive" session .. details to follow...other than that, thanks to Dave for being my producer and getting the beers in and thanks for your ears....
I will put up a link for the mixcloud upload as soon as I have managed it ...

1 : Small Cruel Party : "Unroof The House Of The Fishes" (Harbinger Sound) 2013.
2 : Small Cruel Party : "Before The Dream" (Drone Records) 1995.
3 : Small Cruel Party : " The God Pan Like A Swarm Of Buzzing Flies Came Down:Part 5"
                                         (Flenix Records) 2000.
4 : Smell & Quim : "Peter Was A Truck Driver (Getting Wood At Gerrards Mix)" (Kay Ogden
                                  Percy Mather Recordings) 2011.
5 : Last Few Days : "Too Much Is Not Enough" (Touch) 1986.
6 : Trepaneringsritualen : "C'est Un Reve" (Malignant Records) 2013.
7 : Camp Sophisto : "Obsession" (Pure Freunde) 1982.
8 : Lemon Kittens : "The Hospital Hurts The Girl" (Illuminated Records) 1982.
9 : Phil Julian : "Hive Work" (Sheepscar Light Industrial) 2013.
10 : Kogumaza : "Rowan Maeve" (Lancashire & Somerset Records) 2010.
11 : Five Or Six : "Polar Exposure" (Cherry Red Records) 1982.
12 : John Foxx : "Burning Car" (Metal Beat/Virgin Records) 1980.
13 : Throbbing Gristle : "Five Knuckle Shuffle" (Sordide Sentimental) 1979.
14 : Aaron Dilloway : "Face Mask" (Turgid Animal Records) 2009.
15 : The Door And The Window : "Part Time Punks" (NB Records) 1980.
16 : Bruce McClure : "Vouchsafe Me More Soundpicture (Fain Makes Glories)" (Olde English
                                      Spelling Bee Records) 2009.
17 : Organum : "Shin-En" (Aeroplane/Robot Records) 1995.

            ***** *****

Me with my Bruce McClure LP.

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