Monday, 1 July 2013

Phil Julian #3

Just spent a pleasant while listening to the latest release from Phil Julian. "York 17/08/2012" has just been released by Authorised Version, a new label to me. The concept of the release is Phil's experiments with York University's EMS VCS3 synthesisers. Voltage Controlled Studio Synthesisers built in the late 1960's. Ancient beasts. Phil has been working with these machines for a while now, earlier this year he performed live in Stockholm using EMS synthesisers.
The cassette is a C40. Side one is comprised of short experimental pieces, discovering the machine, testing the textures and boundaries. Free-Form electronics. There are some great sounds, real low frequency oscillations and some great sequential loops that immediately lock in to the brain and get the body rockin'. There are the obligatory trumping in the bath sounds and helicopters at sunrise (we've all done it) but these are short sharp almost workshop type pieces. Free jazz episodes in the realm of avant garde electronics.
Side two is built of longer, more constructed pieces - perhaps a live performance? Opening with a low warm drone that has to be played extremely loud through speakers (no headphones allowed). The second piece has a harsher start before drifting off and heading towards the floorspace. The tape ends on a short rapid intense pulse. Good stuff..
Packaged with a deluxe sleeve and great artwork the cassette also comes with a free download code. (You can have mine for a pint)! - £6 a copy.

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