Sunday, 27 May 2012

TNB / VDO (TA106)

Finally, this week saw the release (or at least the arrival at Hartop Towers) of the The New Blockaders / Vagina Dentata Organ "art-multiple" box set on German based Tochnit Aleph Records. Originally planned for release on the day that TNB and VDO performed at the NK Projekt in Berlin, March 31st 2012, it was delayed due to pressing then packaging hiccups, but now 9 weeks after the event the release sees the light of day. Now limited to 40 copies ~ I seem to remember the initial release was to be 25 or some such number ~ and probably sold out from source.
The evening of the 31st was special,beautiful and almost magickal. The energy contained in the venue that evening was phenomenal therefore this record / document of the event was/is essential. The New Blockaders performance was TNB at their very very best. The Rammel Weekend in Nottingham at the beginning of March was just a trial, a warming up (if you like) .. and the performance at The Dome in London at the beginning of May was a merciful release ~ a wind down from the 3 live performances. Berlin was special. Undoubtedly The New Blockaders will release the full Berlin performance in some format or other - everything is documented - but for the box they provide two 10 and a half minute pieces both entitled "-----------".
I am no aficionado of The New Blockaders, despite folk in Berlin & London insisting I was Richard Rupenus. The line-up here is Richard Rupenus, Michael Gillham (he of Nihilist Assault Group + Smell & Quim) and a chap called Hutchinson..who may or may not be Hal Hutchinson. (Certainly not Don). The vinyl sounds like one is inside a bottle bank, one in a scrap metal yard and the other has attached contact mic's to the wheel arches of a Boeing 747. It is fast and furious stuff, and masterful editing of sounds. Sounding nothing like the three performances over the Spring months of plays and sounds like a breath of fresh air, a clearing of the lungs - Classic Blockaders and at 20 minutes..just the right length.
The Vagina Dentata Organ contribution is a piece of art called "Kleenex". A crumbled art blood print embossed with the VDO logo. I have a feeling that each piece has been created from the blood splattered toilet rolls that littered the floor during and after his performance. I haven't taken my piece out of its' wrapping yet - I have been instructed to keep behind glass and until I am told the dimensions of the piece so I can get a frame constructed it shall remain folded and in the box. I have got a full roll of blood splattered and glass encrusted Kleenex from the evening (a memento), I intend to start a VDO shrine with day.
Also with the box came an event postcard.
Worth the wait ~ almost certainly...but who is the guy selling a copy for £1,020.84 on Discogs? (why "and" 84p).

I shall treasure this release and probably be buried with it.

1: TNB/VDO Box Cover.
2: TNB/VDO Box Reverse.
3: TNB/VDO Box Inner.
4: VDO "Kleenex" (section).
5: TNB "-----------" Side 2.
6: The New Blockaders are lead to the stage by Steve Underwood. Berlin 31/03/12.


  1. (why "and" 84p)

    most likely because the original listing is 1.599 USD, which is converted into, and shown in your currency ;)

  2. Please help me. My friend also has this, and I'm trying to help him get a digital copy. Do you have one you can share with me?