Sunday, 27 May 2012

Gaerra/Mirrors Are Black

Back on a Scandinavian tip with Gaerra and Mirrors Are Black, two completely new projects to me. This split 7" from 2010 was the debut release on Solformorkelse.
Gaerra is the solo project of Flowers Must Die member Rikard Daun. His piece is entitled "Steglad" and is built from oscillations and synthesizer drones over a metronome. Distant radios and reversed voices add to the sense of unease. Good stuff, highly listenable....but..towards the end the pitch and tone of the keyboards varies ~ no need.
Whilst the machines are operating and making a grand sound there is no need to alter or manipulate the sound...just let the machines play themselves and see/hear where the sound goes...the machines will take you there. A lot of folk these days see/feel the need to interfere, must be seen as doing something ~ I say command the machine and let it do its' own making!
Mirrors Are Black bring us "Flickljus" ("Female Light"). Mirrors Are Black is the new name for Peter Henning's noise. Peter used to be Amph, a project I got "into" just as they stopped operating. "Flickljus" is a brilliant noise wall ~ not harsh but brilliant (BNW). Brilliant in a pure bright and clean way. Found sounds, voice, feedback and keyboards create an excellent six minutes of bliss.
I also have an Altar Of Flies/Mirrors Are Black split LP in the "to play" pile - can't wait! Recommended. Neither label or groups seem to have operating websites, but try Millstone distro..if they can't help I am sure they will point you in the right direction.

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