Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Dieter Muh #47 (#3)

"Let me tell you about Sweden".

The 47th Dieter Muh performance took place at the Fylkingen, Stockholm on April 28th. 2012.
The evening was organised by Stockholm's finest: Segerhuva Records, with the provisional title "Sweetness Overdue".
I like Stockholm, it is one of my favourite Cities and always a pleasure to visit. Originally the evening was to coincide with the latest Dieter Muh LP "Heterodoxie" but pressing plants, artwork, masters delivered on time etc (you know the story) means that the LP will appear 7 days later...still the show must go on!
For the occasion Dieter Muh were myself and Simon Kane on live visuals.
The evening began with a rare live performance from White, a solo project of Sewer Election main man Dan Johansson. White has released on Segerhuva in the past. Dan's set was short and sweet, compulsive pulsation, white electric noise and distorted voice. Ten minutes and the show was over - how live noise should be.
Dusa followed. Under a black light Dusa performed an intricate set of samples, rhythm and careful looping - it was like watching a surgeon at work. Jazz records and gentle orchestra...that is what I remember. There were moments when I thought visual aid would help....but they were the moments I should have simply closed my eyes and relaxed - which is very hard to do when playing a gig! I bought the Dusa LP "Ljung" on the strength of the live sound.
Kristian Olsson performed a live soundtrack to a very interesting film. A black & white film of folk with animal heads performing ritual scarification and sex along with book burning and shenanigans. Think of Throbbing Gristle performing "In The Shadow Of The Sun" live and you are close to what Kristian performed. Again, compulsive and fascinating...but whilst sat there watching it - taking it all in, I could not help but's me next!

The sound at the Fylkingen is superb. Loud and crystal clear. I performed the same "set" as The Rammel Weekend in Nottingham last month - difference being that I started from a different point and built the last 10/15 minutes or so into a solid track. The sound check was for checking the equipment had stood the flight from Heathrow - it had....the performance time was for playing and was a joy. Whilst performing Simon Kane (assisted by Mikael Prey from Fetish 23) created a new film to accompany the sound. They did the same 10 years ago, when Dieter Muh last played The Fylkingen.
It all ended with the machines playing themselves and me leaving the stage and heading for the bar - the sound guy and Simon finished the show off. It was probably the best Dieter Muh live sound since 2009!

Contrastate made their first live appearance in 12 years. The line-up was S.R.Meixner, Johnathon Grieve and Stephen J. Pomeroy. They came dressed as preacher and preists and spewed forth a manifesto of righteousness. The live sound was very close to the "Mort Aux Vaches" CD that Staalplaat put out back in the 1990's. Textured and deep vibrations over the excellent treated vocals of Mr. Grieve, hopefully Contrastate will perform in the UK soon - I will travel to see them again!
And then it was all over and time to chat to the folk at the bar. Thanks to all who handed me their CD's, DVD's and cassettes...much appreciated and after the Never Say When weekend I will take some time to listen to them all.

This was Dieter Muh's second performance at the Fylkingen, and hopefully not the last. Big thank you's and undying respect goes to Simon Kane (my dark companion), Love Rosenstrom, Magnus and their fellow organisers, Heikke Lintula, Tommy Carlsson, Morten, Jocke, Thomas Ekelund, Dan Johansson, Kristian Olsson, Proiekt Hat, Dusa, Ville, Mikael Prey, Carl Abrahamsson, Henrik Rylander...and the guys who told me their names but I was too deaf to catch!

1: Event Poster.
2: The Fylkingen.
3: Morten.
4: White.
5: Dusa.
6&7: Dieter Muh. (photos by Simon Kane).
8: Kristian Olsson & Heikke Lintula.
9: Thomas Ekelund & Love Rosenstrom.
10: Kristian Olsson.
11&12: Contrastate.
13: Behind the bar with Tommy. Simon & Love on the wrong side!
14: Final drink at Arlanda Airport.

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