Thursday, 20 October 2011

Total Strangers

On the 28th of October there is a Lincoln Band Retrospective happening at The Jolly Brewer pub on Broadgate in Lincoln. At this moment in time I am uncertain as to what this entails but I have been asked by John Stafford if I had any old pictures of the band we were in together back in 1981 / 82. I was the drummer in the "Radical Band For Social Reform" : Total Strangers.
The band compromised of John Stafford (ex-Collide) on vocals & guitar, myself on drums and John Loonam (ex-Pseudo Existors) on bass & vocals.
If you are in or around Lincoln on the 28th, pop into The Brewer and let me know what it's like!

1: Total Strangers live at the Pywipe Inn, Saxilby, Lincolnshire. 1982.
2+3: Total Strangers live at The Swiss Cottage, Newland, Lincoln. 1981.


  1. Hi, Its Jerry Wright here (Former Drummer of Total Strangers) We used to rehearse in John Staffords house and we did some pretty rocking stuff with the odd melodic tune thrown in for good measure....I remember bashing out Football Player, Summertime Blues and a brilliant Norwegian Wood. We played the CND festival on the south common where they hold the fair...I was in another band with John Loonam for a while. Living in Blackpool and unable to work through ill health now, I have a studio which keeps me busy but would love to meet up with the guys again...Hope they get to read this, best wishes Jez

  2. Hi Jerry. Thanks for your comment. I remember you well. Didn't you go and drum for some cabaret band on a cruise ship? I was your "replacement" when you left....(Julie's brother).
    I know John Stafford sometimes peruses this blog ... he is on facebook if you want to get in touch.
    Sorry to hear about your ill health .. but glad to know you have your studio to keep you chipper!