Friday, 24 June 2011

Human Trapped Rhythms

I was going through an old file box today - searching for something, but I forget what as I got distracted. I came across some old letters and flyers from Pete. Pete (Surname escapes me) used to run the Slip Records label in the mid 1980's. Slip Records released material by two bands; Human Trapped Rhythms and Blow By Blow, both bands were just Pete. At a time when all sorts of labels are digging up peoples archives desperate to release that 1980's industrial / electronic sound it is a pity that Human Trapped Rhythms have been (so far) passed by. Yo! Frank of Vinyl On Demand...take note.
Human Trapped Rhythms were very synth orientated a la We Be Echo & Konstruktivists, their album was great. A quick internet search finds no information whatsoever!
I met Pete a few times whilst I was living in Manchester. I went for a drink round his house at Christmas time in 1986. Port and crackers and the sound of "Hoisting the Black Flag" and Bourbonese Qualk. Lovely stuff. We shared acquaintances in the NW Hunt Sabs crowd - and then he was gone. Whatever happened to Pete, Slip Records and Human Trapped Rhythms? If you know - please let me know and if you have a spare copy of the Human Trapped Rhythms LP please get in touch.

1: Slip Records Logo.
2: Slip Records Flyer.
3: Blow By Blow Poster.
4: Zeal SS promo paper.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Lawrence. Since writing this I have managed to track down the HTR & Blow By Blow vinyl albums.

  2. Peter Elliott, yes. But it couldn't be "just him", because there's female vocals on HTR LP. Maybe you have any information on this vocalist? I have vinyl, but was unable to find anthing.

  3. Hello Vantz.
    The female vocalist in Human Trapped Rhythms was Maria Hycz, she was also vocalist on Peter's next project Blow By Blow, a project that also included Annie Stubbs.
    Maria and Annie were both in Manchester based group The Zuggs in 1980 and in 1981 "One Hour later Over Iran". I have no idea whether or not these projects released anything.
    Interestingly in 1982 Maria is in a group called The Pinecones that also included Brian "Lustmord" Williams.
    I met Annie in 1983/84 whilst I was living in Hulme, Manchester. Perhaps I met Maria too? Since writing this piece I have the HTR LP and the Blow By Blow LP.
    I hope this information is suffice? I have no idea of Maria's activity post Blow By Blow.

    1. Thanks a lot! It's all very interesting to me, as I bought HTR LP in mid90s in Moscow by accident and since then was wondering, who are those people. When Discogs spread its wings I found out that Blow by Blow is somehow connected, but not much more.

  4. I also met Pete a couple of times at his place in Manchester. It must have been 1984/5. I remember he had lots of Bowie records. Just saw the HTR LP on ebay and surfed to here