Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Helm #3

Just spent a pleasant while listening to "Impasse", a 22 minute 3" CD by Helm. It was released in 2008 by Low Point but has just found its' way to Hartop Towers. Last week I got wind of a new vinyl LP from Helm (aka Luke Younger) and trawled the internet for a UK distributor. The LP "Cryptography" is being released on Canadian label Kye Records and P+P being what it is these days I needed a UK seller! I found a copy through Luke's own distro "Alter" - why ask the monkeys when I could have gone straight to the organ grinder? Why? Because I found this little three inch gem hiding in the alt.vinyl list for a few pounds, that's why!
Ever since getting a copy of the excellent "To An End" LP I have been searching for Helm releases. Impressed with the "Last Journey To Her Alter" tape on Sickhead, not so much so with the "Optimism" CDr on Trans-Dimensional Sushi Recordings. But the recordings of Luke Younger have interested my ears enough to let my brain know I need to hear his sound.
"Impasse" is a great release. A fantastic release. Two tracks. "Fields" is a fifteen minute magnum opus, an all encompassing sound, an aural delight...layers upon layers of masterful noise that make it sound different on every listen. Boyd Rice used to do this to me in the 1970's!! There's guitar noise, polyphonic keyboard drone, spooling tapes, voices - I am certain there are voices in there calling me towards the temple - it is wide open Sensurround, the kind of sound Astral Social Club are so good at..with 5 minutes to go the sound winds down - the come down - grinds, splutters and fades...track two "Glazing Over An Autumn Pastoral" is a keyboard piece. The title kind of gives it away, the perfect following track. "Impasse" is 5/5 and now I cannot wait to hear the new LP.

Try alt.vinyl, they may have a copy or two left. I am uncertain on how many copies exist. Or go to Luke's blogspot "Alter". Helm need to be heard. I'm waiting on news of a live show - I need to hear this shit LOUD!!

1: "Impasse" Sleeve.

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