Wednesday, 22 August 2012

MuhMur To Hit The Airwaves!

I have been in negotiations today with Chris & Lucinda from Soundart Radio and MuhMur will hit the airwaves this autumn, with a two hour show on alternate Thursday evenings.
The show will feature in depth profiles (and in some cases ... shallow) of present labels as well as artists, cities and countries - hopefully I'll get some exclusive material and the odd live session in there too., and I'll be digging into my own vault to present a Dieter Muh / IBF / Muhviertel / Carnifex Recordings "special". Also expect some random noises, squeaks and verbal bollocks (all in a Lincolnshire accent).

Soundart Radio is a community radio station set within the grounds of Dartington Hall, a mile or so South of Totnes, and has been operating since 2009. It can be found on the FM band in the Totnes / Torbay area at 102.5FM or via their website at At the moment it is covering sounds from the Totnes Festival. Well worth a listen.

1: Soundart FM postcard.
2: The Soundart FM studio. Lucinda in doorway and Chris in reflective mode, and Oscar of course (in foreground).
3: Relaxing in the grounds of Dartington Hall.

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