Monday, 27 August 2012

Aaron Dilloway #7

If there was such a thing as "Single Of The Year" (like in the old days of Sounds & N.M.E.) then Aaron Dilloway's "Stomach Pump" would be a great contender - if not winner. (Hey this is's not a competition).
I have been listening to Aaron Dilloway releases for about three years now - I know, late again - and I thank whoever it was who turned me onto his sound. I have yet to be disappointed with any of his output and/or live performances. "Stomach Pump" was released earlier this year by the Italian Von label. It is limited to 300 copies only, comes in a gatefold sleeve and is pressed on black vinyl. My copy came poorly packaged in a jiffy bag, no stiffener or protection, just a flimsy over sized jiffy - damaged sleeve but the vinyl is OK. Just mentioned this as a warning to prospective buyers.
Side A kicks off with "Stomach Pump". Raw and loud and sounding like an early Non piece mixed with some Severed Heads. Instant classic. The looping construction, the layering of sound to create the madness is a work of genius. "Stomach Pump" is why I listen to Dilloway. "Convulse Syncope" is pure blitzkreig. A Stuka dive bomb dance track! Crash and burn ending too...Side B starts with "Crow Bar", and it is that this point when I realised I could listen to Aaron Dilloway all day, the EP ends with the shortest piece; "Flash". "Flash" is basic loops, a kind of Aaron Dilloway "unplugged" piece, it is almost like Aaron is saying - here are some loops, help yourself and build a track...I know he is saying that, because I will!

Like all Dilloway releases, this one is essential and I advise to get now whilst Von still have copies to buy.

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