Saturday, 30 June 2012

Making Contact

Have just spent an afternoon at The Spacex Gallery in Exeter learning how to make contact microphones and hydrophones. The workshop was lead by audio/visual artist Louise K Wilson, and myself with Michael Parker made some mic's and went out into the wilds of Exeter to start recording material for the next live assault by Dieter Muh (and some stuff for upcoming releases).
An excellent time in the presence of Louise, who in the past has worked with Ben Ponton and has a shared passion in the work of Chris Watson .. and also lectures at Lincoln University - we have so much in common...I wonder if she knows Sunshine Patterson?
The workshop was part of the travelling "Topophobia" exhibition which unfortunately I didn't get to see, hopefully I can get back in to Exeter before the exhibition ends on July 7. If you are in the area I recommend popping in ...

1: Louise K Wilson (video still from "Hanging Rock", 2011).
2: Two contact microphones.
3: Michael at Exe Bridges.

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