Sunday, 20 March 2011

Wyrm + Nocturnal Emissions

Just spent a pleasant while listening to the latest release from the American label Roil Noise Offensive. "Symmetrical Ecstasy" by Wyrm + Nocturnal Emissions. Released in a 5" metal tin (a la PIL "Metal Box") and limited to 100 copies. This was my first forage into the work of Wyrm, the solo project of multi-media artist Allan Zane. I do have the Zane / G.X. Jupitter-Larson collaboration CD "Banjax" that Somnimage put out in 2006 and I love that, so with that and the lure of hearing new recordings from Nocturnal Emissions I snapped up a copy straight away. The first 33 copies come with a "bonus" 3"CDr, I have number 18.
The "main" CD has two tracks "Symmetrical Ecstasy 1 & 2". The sound begins rather lo-fi, sounding like a wash of noise recorded live on a two-track Tandy tape recorder, but a clear sonambulistic drone comes through and picks the piece up to create a beautiful wall of dreamy like electronica. Loops appear and disappear in the ethereal. Track 2 is track 1 in reverse.
The 3" CDr also has two tracks. The same wall is manipulated but this time the track has a rhythms mixed in. Polynesian sounding rhythms. Track 2 is track 1 in reverse. The 3" tracks are preferable to the "main" CD release. My only beef is that the tracks aren't long enough, making it like a Drone Records release or a 7" single by Lull, perhaps this release is a pre-cursor to a full length release? That would be nice.
This release is available through the Roil Noise Offensive Website and (I would guess) essential for Nocturnal Emissions collectors.


1: Wyrm + Nocturnal Emissions "Symmetrical Ecstasy" Tin.
2: The "bonus" 3"CDr.
3: Allan Zane.

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