Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Beartown Records

Last year I managed to pick up a couple of releases from the Manchester based Beartown Records label. Baraclough and BBBlood tapes, and excellent releases they are too. A recent release of theirs is by London visual / sound artist Eddie Nuttall under the name of Aqua Dentata and after witnessing Aqua Dentata live last December in London this release was a must have!
Cryptically entitled "Seventh Past the Umbrella" the cassette is a 35 minute exploration of glistening drones. Crystal clear and sharp harmonious drones play and entwine around the senses, the sound is wide open and really attentive. Ideal for installation purposes. Good stuff and whilst playing I kept thinking, I've got something like this at home...I played the cassette a couple of times at work today....but I can't put my finger on what. Early Jackman, This Heat - think "Graphic/Varispeed" from the "Health & Efficiency" 12". I do like the name Aqua Dentata - if toothpaste could have a sound then it should be called Aqua Dentata, giving your teeth that refreshing "drone" feeling.
Impressed with the Beartown Records catalogue I also bought the Cheapmachines "Cast" tape. C20. 10-a-side. Flipping marvellous. (A C20 pun there). "Cast" is a 20 minute drone piece. More warm and comforting than the Aqua Dentata release and an ideal taster for the work of Phil Julian.

I shall keep an ear and eye out for further Beartown Records releases this year, like Matching Head and Fencing Flatworm of old it is becoming a great recorder of grass roots / underground sound art in the 21st Century. That is why I think it is Beartown Records as in documents rather than Beartown Records as in releasing slabs of vinyl....because they don't.
Google Beartown Records and you'll get there.

1: Not the Beartown Logo!
2: Aqua Dentata sleeve.
3: Cheapmachines sleeve.

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