Friday, 18 March 2011

Lighten Up Sounds

Just spent a pleasant while listening to two releases from the US label, Lighten Up Sounds. A new label to me, but then again..most labels are.
It was their recent release by Andreas Brandal that got me interested and parting with my well earned paypal and the label MC kindly slipped a tape by Neon Sea into the package.
The cassettes are usually limited to a 50 copy run and cost six dollars a piece and come in full colour sleeves / printing and coloured tapes. We are talking professional outfit here.
Neon Sea are a new one on me. I am sensing a three-piece project here but I am prepared to be laughed out of the water. "Fading Light" is a 40 minute ride that begins with some really fine electronic noise, HNW and trapped circuit bending style noise, then into the mix comes drums. Cymbals and bass drum, it took me by surprise. Pleasant surprise as the journey took a whole new turn. Side two has more electronics and drums with (what sounds like) bass guitar. This kind of construct / approach is new to had me thinking of Hair Police but then again Hair Police is all I know. Cracking stuff and a repeated play tape.
Andreas Brandal I know and like and I'm always prepared to listen. My favourite Brandal is the "Shipwrecked" tape released by Licht Und Stahl label, this release "Autumn Drama" sounds very similar. More "broken" and/or "unconceptual" as previous stuff I have heard this tape plays like a sampler or compilation of Demos and out-takes. Short tracks of acoustic guitar patterns, drones and FX pieces. If you're unaware of the work of this Norweigan artist "Autumn Drama" is a great tape to start with....then move onto "Shipwrecked", if it hasn't sold out!

Lighten Up Sounds is a great American label. they have a blogspot and are worthy of discovering. (And for the Neon Sea tape - I thank them).

1: The Lighten Up Sounds Logo.
2: Neon Sea cassette (inner).
3: Andreas Brandal cassette cover.

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