Monday, 5 April 2010

Not Now...Norman...

As a sad addendum to the previous post. I bought the Helm LP from the mail order service - Norman Records. (I think they are in Leeds). I was going to get the LP from Unrest Prod. but was swayed towards Norman Records as they were also selling the CD by Neil Campbell & Campbell Kneale. The 2003 New Zealand release which I thought I may never see again (classic release by the way and if you see it - buy it)! Anyway - the LP was £12.79 + P+P and arrived damaged. The sleeve has a tear along the top with a crushed spine, wear on the bottom of the sleeve and a creased aperture. I took pictures and E Mailed to Norman Records, who have replied implying it was damaged in transit - which I find hard to believe as it was in a sturdy mailer. They want me to post the sleeve back (at my cost) for a replacement sleeve. The pictures taken prove it was damaged and I think they should offer me credit or post me a replacement sleeve. Shoddy service and a shame. The Helm LP now sits in my collection (between Jowe Head + The Homosexuals) like an old secondhand record bought in a charity shop rather than the brand spanking new LP it is.
I shall never use Norman Records again (a shame as their Dilloway/Astral Social Club stock is rather good), instead I'll stick with Second Layer and Unrest Prod. 2 of the finest distro outlets in the UK.
Take note.

(It's my blog + I'll whinge if I want to - to paraphrase Barbara Gaskin).

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  1. Steve, it's Luke (Younger) here. Cheers for the nice comments regarding the record, and sorry to hear about your crushed LP spine. Send us an e mail and I'll try and replace the sleeve for you (youngerluke @ yahoo . co . uk).