Thursday, 1 April 2010


Eight AM, Kitchen, Hartop Towers. The whole family has gathered;

Me: "Today Is somebody's birthday."
Oscar: "Who"?
Trin + Me: "Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday Dear Bodges, Happy Birthday To You"
Oscar: "Does he get any cake"?
Me: "No".
Oscar: "What does he get"?
Trin: "Fed before you"!

Our beloved cat Bodges is one today. He came to us last December from a cats home in Maidencombe. He's fitted in quite well. Certainly not a lap cat, very independent and hardly seen between meal times. He hardly shits in his litter tray and never on the back lawn so he must be doing it elsewhere on someone else's patch. Result.
Why Bodges?

"Bodges? Bodges? You Can Keep Your Steenkin' Bodges" - "Blazing Saddles" (I think taken from Eli Wallach in "Treasure Of The Sierra Madre" but I could be wrong).


Bodges this morning with Oscar.

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