Thursday, 29 April 2010

Moon Unit

Just spent a pleasant while listening to the new Moon Unit LP "New Sky Dragon" on the excellent Krayon Recordings label of Bournemouth. As Crispy Ambulance once said: Not what I expected. What was I expecting? Something more in the way of Troum or Origami Galaktika maybe? What I heard though was the sound of a prog rock LP from the mid 1970's.
Vivid colour sleeve that evokes a Love LP, psychedelic chunder and lettering. Two side long tracks (that I imagine came from the same "jam") of heavy keyboard, tonal/prepared guitar and drums. It is the drums, the jazz fusion drums, the (at times) Level 42-cum-pre "Einstein A-Go-Go" Landscape drums that put this in the "file under prog" category. (Or in my collection file between The Monochrome Set and Anthony Moore). The sound surprised me, made me lift my head from the book I was reading (Devo biog. by the way) and listen with a smile. Greenslade, The Doors, Gentle Giant (pre-'78), Section 25 (Key Of Dreams), King Crimson - I heard all of that in there. So retro it sounds fresh.
Moon Unit used to be called The Nackt Insekten Trio - I should have expected a jazz type tinge. I recommend this LP. Google Krayon Recordings and purchase, the LP will be a great summer soundtrack.

1: Moon Unit soundcheck (from Krayon Recordings website).
2: "New Sky Dragon" sleeve.

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