Friday, 1 November 2013

MuhMur SoundArt Radio Broadcast : 31/10/2013

Halloween, a very wet and windy Halloween and I was in the SoundArt Studio with my beloved collection of Smell & Quim paraphernalia. I was lucky enough to be mailed a "promo" for their upcoming album "Quim De La Quim" on Stront Records - a label run by Pete Zincken - and I decided to create a two hour show around it. Great fun digging in to some old S&Q vinyl. Early 1990's, probably 1993 and I chanced upon a shop in Leeds called Bad, a basement vinyl emporium that stocked the weird and wonderful and experimental. It was here I bought the Smell & Quim 7" "Miss Piss" purely on reasons of; 1: Great name, 2: Great cover and 3: It was on Stinky Horse Fuck Records. A win win win situation! My love of everything Smell & Quim has not wained since that day. Bad also introduced me to the sound of Merzbow and Intrinsic Action. Great shop now sadly defunct.

Please have a listen. Copy & Paste:

01: Smell & Quim  "Sucking A Dead Man's Cock"  (Tesco Organisation) 1993.
     (From the "The Jissom Killers" LP).
02  Smell & Quim  "Pukka Fukka"  (Old Europa Cafe) 1997.
     (From the "Meat/Pregnant Aisan Special" CD/Tape).
03: Smell & Quim  "Death Baby Fuck" (Red Stream Records) 1993.
     (From the split 7" with Taint).
04: Smell & Quim  "Tampax Woman"  (Solipsism) 1999.
     (From the "Porn Again" CD).
05: Smell & Quim  "Xanadon't/Desperhardon"  (Must Die Records) 2012.
     (From the compilation album "Must Die Records Sampler" Cdr).
06: Smell & Quim/The Members Of Tinnitus  "Alpha"  (iDeaL Records) 1999.
     (From the "The Alphabet Fanatics" 7").
07: Smell & Quim  "Inter-Lewd #3"  (Mental Guru Records) 2000.
     (From the album "Spaceshit" Cdr)
08: Smell & Quim/The Members Of Tinnitus  "Beta"  (iDeaL Records) 1999.
     (From the "The Alphabet Fanatics" 7")
09: Smell & Quim  "Fuck Factory"  (Stront)  2014.
      (From the forthcoming cassette album).
10: Smell & Quim  "Miss Piss"  (Stinky Horse Fuck Records) 1993.
      (From the 7" single).
11: Milovan Srdenovic  "Pig Stealin' Man"  (Idwal Fisher)  2002.
     (From the album "Live At The Packhorse-Leeds-14/05/02 Cdr).
12: Smell & Quim  "Skunk Pussy"  (Stinky Horse Fuck Records) 1991.
     (From the "Jesus Christ" LP).
13: Smell & Quim  "Turner Over To Sod (Excerpt)" (Songs For Conscientiousness Rape) 1993.
     (From the album "A Sod's As Good As A Wank To A Blind Arse" Tape).
14: Smell & Quim  "Dreamfucker (Pissed Off Mix)"  (Kay Ogden Percy Mather) 2011.
     (From the album "Lavatory" CD).
15: Come  "Come Sunday"  (Come Organisation) 1979.
     (From the "Come 1" 7").

Next programme will be on November 14.

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