Sunday, 17 November 2013

Murder Cult

Another fine cassette (to assist the Aspa cassette) is "The Bridge" by Murder Cult. As a rule I would pass on a project called Murder Cult but this cassette was recommended on the Idwal Fisher blog, and a general rule of thumb is that if Mark Wharton raves about it - then it's worth a listen.
Murder Cult are from Nottingham and consist of Ben Hallatt and Rashan Sabet. Ben also releases material under the moniker of SCKE// and Wasps. (Not The Wasps of "Teenage Treats" fame but Wasps - sometimes spelt W>A>S>P>S).
"The Bridge" is a c20 (maybe c23) tape consisting of two parts, both recorded live in London. Part One and bells,bowls,cylinders and junk metal are all hit to create a magickal sonic pattern. Very slow tempo that is almost touching Gamelan, the piece journeys on at a steady pace - no rise and fall or crescendos - a lovely meditative piece. I say "touching" because the rhythms are very "Western" .. if that makes any sense? Part Two is more ritualistic and builds to a fast tempo, I feel some instruments are introduced here - maybe glockenspiel or prepared acoustic guitar (?). Fantastic stuff and well worth investigating, as are Wasps. I got the split 7"EP with Nacht Und Nebel the other week too. High class electronics. Please pay and/or a visit.
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