Sunday, 20 October 2013

Secondhand Record Shops #20 : Hamburg (St. Pauli)

My shopping time in Hamburg was very limited and the weather did seem against me for a brief while but I did manage an hour or so discovering the secondhand vinyl emporiums of the Saint Pauli district of Hamburg. Saturday morning is "flea-market" morning in St Pauli and there are lots of stalls selling vinyl LP's (not so much the 7" single). Boxes and boxes of New Wave stuff all priced roughly around the 10 euro mark. If time and weather had been on my side I could have easily have spent an hour or so wandering around the stalls flicking through the boxes. There is however two shops of note in St. Pauli, two shops well worth the visit.
Hanseplatte at Neuer Kamp 32 sells a variety of new and secondhand albums. A modest experimental / electronic selection, where I bought vinyl by Column One and Ditterich Von Euler-Donnesperg. There were also racks for German bands, new wave and world music artists and a corner selling clothes.
Close by is Feldstrasse and at number 48 is Ruff Trade Records, a shop run by former Geisterfahrer member and creator of Zick-Zack Records Michael Ruff. ("Muffy"). This shop is (quite simply) the bollocks of the dog and needs time and euros to discover. Huge punk  /new wave / independent / industrial sections - lots of label and band sub divisions and a great load of 7" singles on the counter. It was like shopping in Selectadisc (Nottingham) 20 years ago. I managed to grab a mint copy of the Mass 7" "You & I" with poster for only €14! It put me in a great mood for the rest of the weekend. Next visit I shall take a packed lunch.

Unfortunately I didn't get time to discover the secondhand record shops of Bremen, time was not on my side there either but I did see some interesting shops along Osterdeich. But (as was pointed out to me in Hamburg) I was following in the month old footsteps of Steve Underwood so chances of finding any beauties there would be slim!

1: Hanseplatte Postcard.
2: Hanseplatte Records (with Michael Muennich).
3: Ruff Trade Records.

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