Friday, 4 October 2013

MuhMur SoundArt Radio Broadcast 03/10/2013.

A stormy night in Dartington & a great programme featuring sounds from the excellent Freak Animal Records catalogue. (Apart from Spizz Oil's "6,000 Crazy" which was the classic from the new wave era and the on this day feature release ... killing two birds etc). Lucinda (if SoundArt) paid a visit to edit one of her broadcasts and invited myself & Dave to take part. Our voices now appear on her programme! Copy & paste and please take a listen: Big thanks to Mikko and Hal for supplying great exclusives.

Next programme is after my German tour and will feature an exclusive piece by Phil Julian.

01: MNEM  "Eastern Tunnel"  (Freak Animal Records) 2000
      (From the compilation CD "Degenerating Finland").
02: Cloama  "Death Certificate" (Freak Animal Records) 2009
      (From the 7" EP "Death Certificate").
03: Peenemunde  "Maruta"  (Freak Animal Records) 2013
      (From the CD album "Peenemunde II").
04: Grunt "Junkie Cunt"  (Freak Animal Records) 2001.
      (From the 7" "Welfare").
05: Grunt  "Paid Victims Of Modern World Fetish" (Industrial Recollections) 2012.
      (From the CD album "Long Lasting Happiness").
06: Grunt  "Saarto" (Vinyl On Demand) 2006
      (From the compilation LP "Viva Negativa!").
07: Grunt  "Innocence Kills"  (Freak Animal Records/Jazzassin/Bonbon Records) 1998.
      (From the compilation CD "Scandinavian Noise Manifesto").
08: Grunt  "Shovel Attack"  (Not On Label) 2013.
      (Exclusive piece for MuhMur Radio. From the "IOPS#7" film).
09: Putrefier  "Pray For Fire (Wolf Hour)"  (Birthbiter) 1992
      (From the 7" "Pray For Fire/Body Hole").
10: STROM e.c.  "Neuroscan"  (Freak Animal Records) 2000
      (From the CD album "Dogs Of Total Order").
11: Cloama  "Fierce Wrath"  (Freak Animal Records) 2011
      (From the LP "Municipality Of Marionettes").
12: Budrus  "Will Push Into The Storm"  (Freak Animal Records) 2013
      (From the CD album "Canine Visions II").
13: Tiermes  "Infinite Possibilities"  (Freak Animal Records: 1997
      (From the 10" EP "Tiermes").
14: Hal Hutchinson  "Factory Of Metal Sound (Corrosive Treatment)"  (Not On Label) 2013
      (Exclusive piece for MuhMur Radio).
15: Spizz Oil  "6,000 Crazy"  (Rough Trade Records) 1978
      (From the 7"EP "6,000 Crazy" - a classic from the new wave era).
16: Jaakko Vanhala  "The Original Violence"  (Freak Animal Records) 2013
      (From the CD album "Here Be Lions").
17: Nicole 12  "Sado-Child"  (Freak Animal Records) 2003
      (From the 3" CDR EP "Lolita Love").

1: In the DJ chair.
2: Lucinda edits whilst Dave chills.
3: Thanks to Hal & Mikko!

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