Sunday, 20 October 2013

Dieter Muh #50 (Bremen Elefant)

Bremen. This was Dieter Muh's 50th live performance and The Elefant was the ideal venue for the occasion. A huge statue situated just outside Bremen railway station the venue lies beneath the beast. A crypt. Maximum capacity is 30. Ideal. The evening was organised by Jurgen Eberhard of Feine Trinkers Bei Pinkels Daheim.
It was a rainy day in Bremen. For a while it looked like the evening would be cancelled. Waterlogged venue .. but fortunately the show went on. Also on the evening were Tarkatak and B*Tong. (I know B*Tong should have a "degree" symbol and not an asterisk but I can't seem to get one up on this keyboard)!
The evening started with Tarkatak, the solo project of German artist Lutz Pruditsch. Lutz performed delicate sounds, minimal drones before having some "level/volume" problems with his laptop. The sound/volume seem to roller coaster. I don't think Lutz enjoyed the space.
B*Tong is Chris Sigdell from Basel in Switzerland. Chris composed a set using bowed metal, hand massagers, vibrators and the sturdy Roland SP 404 sampler. Creating and building loops of fantastic sound - weaving a great pattern bringing in voices and textures - looping and layering. Great to watch and fascinating to listen to. This was my first introduction to the sound of B*Tong and now I am hooked!
Dieter Muh set. I decided to use voices, small voices, whispered voices and the half heard word. I thought this would fit the space/venue. I created a couple of new "rhythmical" loops to bring in and paint the word samples around. It worked - it was fun .. even played some of Lon Milo DuQuette's "The Call" over a wall of baying Hyenas to end the set.

Bremen Elefant is one of the finest venues I have played. It was great to see it full to the rafters, t'was also great to meet up with Martin and Steffen (aka Troum) again after 15 years ... and another rain sodden night, although that time it was Belgium. M&S took me for a drink or two afterwards with Helge (Mr. 10,000 Schone). Great way to celebrate 50 years in the business. Ha!

01: The Elefant.
02: Inside The Crypt.
03: Table of Elements.
04: Tarkatak.
05: B*Tong.
06: Dieter Muh. (Picture by Chris Sigdell).
07: Dieter Muh & B*Tong outside the Elefant. (Picture by Jurgen Eberhard).

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