Monday, 21 October 2013

Circulation Of Light

Have just spent a pleasant while listening to the latest release by Circulation Of Light, the solo project of Kinit Her member Nathanial Ritter. I really enjoyed last years "Emersal Tracings" cassette released by Black Horizons and Kinit Her have become staple favourites here at Hartop Towers.
"Winding/Winded" is a C30 (could be C20) on Sangoplasmo Records. Information on the tape is scarce, to be honest the packaging is pretty poor, an unlabelled cassette with a small piece of card folded in the case. It is as if the artwork was an afterthought. The print that is there is so small (unreadable to these 50 year old eyes)!
"Winding" is the sound of resonating bells (church bells) with prepared piano and auto-harp. Very meditative, it is easy to get lost in the resonance. The track has slips and clicks like it is an old vinyl recording, whether it is deliberate or not? It doesn't harm the track though. "Winded" has gentle chimes and xylophone. Very peaceful with a Tibetan / Gamelan vibe. 23 Skidoo (obviously) brought to mind.
Limited to 100 copies and costing just $6 from

Apologies for poor photograph!

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