Friday, 16 November 2012

MuhMur (SoundArt Broadcast 15/11/2012)

Tonight's Muhmur broadcast featured sounds and noise from the performers taking part in the Schimpfluch - Gruppe Carnival that is taking place at The Arnolfini in Bristol later this month .. see elsewhere on this blog for details. I did slip in a couple of folk who are not performing per se at the event, but they are artists whose work is heavily influenced by Schimpfluch Art. (and I think it is Jordi Vall's voice on the Psychic TV track). Murder The Disturbed slipped in as "Classic from the new-wave era" - I hope you enjoyed. Next programme is on the 29th and will feature a session from Filthy Turd (amongst other things). here is a playlist for tonight's programme;

1: The New Blockaders : "Manifesto (1982)" (Vinyl On Demand) 2006.
2 : Germseed : "Angelcode:Two" (Omcore Recordings).
3 : Con-Dom : "Calldown" (Noisopoly) 1996.
4 : Sudden Infant : "Giving Trash Ritual" (The 7.17 From West Wittering Is Late Again) 2011.
5: Dave Phillips : "They Live" LP (side b) (RRRecords) 2008.
6: Vagina Dentata Organ : "NK Projekt Performance, March 2012" (Tochnit Aleph) 2012.
7: Aaron Dilloway : "Final Play (For GX Jupitter-Larsen)" (Helicopter Records) 2012.
8: The Haters : "Clic-Clic #19" (Helicopter Records).
9: Henrik Rylander & Leif Elggren : "Gottesdienst #2" (Ideal Recordings) 2006.
10: Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock : "Those Necrophile Birds" (Vinyl On Demand) 2006.
11: Raionbashi : "Tar" (Hanson Records).
12: Germseed : "Black Bright" (Not On Label) 2012. 
13: Sudden Infant : "Untitled Piece From Sidewalk Social Scientist" LP (Tochnit Aleph)
14: GX Jupitter-Larsen : "Norge Om Polybolge" (Old Europa Cafe).
15: Philip Julian : "B 3" (Entr'Acte) 2011.
16: Murder The Disturbed : "Ultimate System" (Small Wonder Records) 1979.
17: Psychic TV : "Catalan" (Some Bizarre/CBS Records) 1983.

I hope you enjoyed the listen. Big thanks again to Dave the Engineer, always there to press a button and help when needed. We listened to his "Oima" programme on the way back from Dartington to sounded really good...worth a listen. Anyway, I will upload the programme onto Mixcloud as soon as possible and put the link underneath.
goodnight ...

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  1. Look forward to catching up next week, should be able to present you with a copy of my new tape too.