Monday, 12 November 2012

Sound Holes #2

Just spent a pleasant while listening to a couple of new releases from Scottish independents Sound Holes.
A Snake In The Garden is the solo project of Einfgall member Matt Mayer, who is based in Worcester, Massachusetts. Sound Holes bring us a C23 cassette called "The Shepherds Are Lost, The Sheep Are Scattered". Side A is the sound of rusty wheels rolling back and forth - little toy car wheels whilst an oil drum is beaten methodically, recorded from the inside and catching rusty resonance. An interesting sound that unfortunately changes into all out noise, a harsh wall of grinding noise with beaten pots and pans and it sounds like a poor New Blockaders copy. The New Blockaders (when they get it right) sound as if they are on the edge of collapse. Rupenus is a master at editing noise. A Snake In The Garden is a slight step back from the edge and the sound becomes less urgent. It is a pity as the beginning of the track is interesting. Side B with its Whitehouse microphone to amplifier and junkyard noise is awful. Unlistenable. The tape is limited to 79 copies.
Journey Of Mind is a project from Tidal member Jimmy Billingham. A contrasting barrel of fish to the A Snake In The Garden. "Salt Rubber" is a C20 cassette. Two pieces of fascinating undulating / drifting gentle drone work. "Sea Soar" (ha) is a floating piece to calm to, very akin to the Andreas Brandal cassette "Shipwrecks" that Licht Und Stahl released last year. "Sun Spot" is simply a beautiful piece of music with clever voice manipulation .... this tape is unique and essential, and limited to 71 copies only. Both tapes can be bought from Sound Holes.

1: A Snake In the Garden.
2: Journey Of Mind.

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