Friday, 2 November 2012

MuhMur (SoundArt Broadcast 01/11/2012)

Last night saw the third "MuhMur" broadcast on SoundArt Radio (102.5 FM), it was streamed live over the Internet at and a big thanks for all those who listened in. The programme featured an exclusive piece by Schuster as well as a dip into his archive recordings.It was (as always) great fun. Next programme will be on the 15th November at 21:00 gmt.
Here is last nights playlist;

1: Preslav Literary School : "Echolalia" (No-Fi Records) 2010.
2: Ashtray Navigations : "Monkey Music/Throw Money At The Monkeys" (Trensmat) 2011.
3: Burial Hex : "Our Rainbow" (Sangoplasmo Records) 2012.
4: Steve Roden : "Bela Lugosi's Dead" (WFMU) 2012.
5: Schuster : "Aggrieved" (Unreleased piece - Exclusive to "MuhMur") 2012.
6: Nackt Insecten : "Stenoch To St. George's Cross 15/02/08" (Memoirs Of An Aesthete) 2009.
7: Picasso Trigger : "Mind Field" (Sound Holes) 2012.
8: Schuster : "Aboulia" (Silencer) 1987.
9: Glaxo Babies : "Shake (The Foundations)" (Cherry Red Records) 1980.
10: Five Or Six : "Another Reason" (Cherry Red Records) 1981.
11: Simon Joyner : "After The Gold Rush" (WFMU) 2012.
12: Duncan Harrison : "Until Then #3" (Not On Label) 2008.
13: Petals : "Viaduct For Two" (Sheepscar Light Industrial) 2012.
14: Schuster : "Bellerophon" (Adeptsound) 2011.
15: Chop Shop : "In" (Banned Productions) 1999.
16: Die Form : "Sadia" (Normal Records) 1989.

The Glaxo Babies track was chosen by (my son) Oscar, and I did have a John Peel moment when I played the Nackt Insecten single at the wrong speed ... but it sounded OK, and I think I got away with it! Big big thanks again to Dave the Engineer who kept me laughing and wisely hid the bottle of red wine.
The programme will soon be uploaded onto Mixcloud, the link will appear below within 24 hours!

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2: A happy DJ!

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  1. If you ever hear Glaxo Babies live at the ICA, 1980, I'm guest vocals ;-)