Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Turbulent Times

Just received the latest edition of the fanzine "Turbulent Times". This is issue #9, issue #8 came out fifteen years ago! Good job I didn't get a 5 issue subscription, eh?
The 'zine is essential reading. It has a kind of "Idwal Fisher" attitude and a "toilet reading" air. Not irreverent and not snooty - "I know more than you do" - like some 'zines I could name just a damn good read. Easy, informative and not that serious as "Eraciator's History Of Harsh Noise" proves. That piece made me laugh. There's a recent interview with Nigel Ayers and Libbe Matz Gang...I've seen their name pop up a few times now in various 'zines and internet boards, might be time to dip the toe so to speak. There's a piece by Jupitter-Castrol GTX on revolutionary noise anthems and the obligatory record reviews .. also some live reviews, which is coming uncommon in the printed 'zine....good to see. The cover did promise knitting, but I have scoured the 'zine from cover to cover and there's no mention of knitting! As a subscriber to "The Knitter" and "Yarn Wise" I was very disappointed. 
I am saving some of this fanzine to read on the train to Bristol this coming weekend ...
"Turbulent Times" is A5 sized (pocket porn) and about 50 pages..and like I said at the start...essential. It costs £2.50 postage paid in the UK from

The back cover features an excellent picture of a guy trying to shove his shirt in his ears at a Rehberg & Schmickler gig at Cafe OTO.

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