Saturday, 21 May 2011

Secondhand Record Shops. #11. Liskeard

"Crossing the border...Changing the menu". (Dome)

The joy of travelling across into Cornwall from Torbay is the chance to cross the River Tamar, either by the ferry at Tor Point or across Brunel's Tamar Bridge, it is a joy. First stop out of Plymouth along the A38 is Liskeard, a small mining / market town with a handful of charity shops, a lovely little licenced cafe called the Fat Frog that does all-day veggie breakfasts and one and a bit secondhand vinyl shops. I say one and a bit because "Dave's Music" on Lower Lux Street isn't really a vinyl shop. Dave sells guitars and amps and plectrums and stuff, and has got so many records he has decorated the wall of his shop with them. Some are for sale if you offer a price (the guy is saving up to move to France) but all I could see was Def Leppard, Anthrax and Iron Maiden picture discs, the Lynyrd Skynyrd LP "Street Survivors" and a picture sleeve copy of Eddie & The Hot Rods "Wooly Bully" 7". Dave is a chatty chap and recommended a visit to "Taurus Vinyl" on Fore Street. The shop sign reads "Taurus Books" but upstairs is the vinyl shop with thousands of records all in boxes, on shelves, on tables, under tables and on the floor. An Aladdin's Cave. All well and good, but the owner has only categorized the "Easy Listening" and "Film/TV Soundtrack" albums and then seemingly got bored - some are alphabetically boxed, but not all. To go through all the vinyl here would take hours! Bonus...all 7"'s are 50p, all 12"'s/LP's are a pound. I bought a copy of Lithops "Uni Umit" 12" on Sonig.

Also went into a junk shop selling furniture, pictures, household items, books, stuffed tigers - house clearance type of thing and bought a mint copy of "Mondo Cane" by Riz Ortolani & Nino Oliviero on United Artists for a pound. Bargain.
If heading South, Liskeard is worth an hour of your time.

1: Dave's Music.
2: Taurus Books with Taurus Vinyl (the window upstairs). Proprietor hovering just inside doorway to get into camera shot!

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