Thursday, 26 May 2011

Force Mental : rvstd

If the gimp room in Hartop Towers had a coffee table then this book would take pride of place. A collection of Force Mental magazines from 1982 through to 2005 all in one book. I was surprised the magazine ran up to 2005, but there y'go.
Force Mental "rvstd" provides as document the works of mail artists, performance artists, aktionists, literary terrorists, noise musicians and avant-garde thinkers for this 23 year period. Fascinating stuff. Groups and artists from my distant memory keep popping up (such as Seven Horns Da Ho and Ashenden) along with a couple of issues I remember because I used to own them. (Bought from Birthbiter). The works of Club Moral (naturally) feature as well as Produktion Hair, Con-Dom, Whitehouse, Victor/im, Coup De Grace, Metgumnerbone, Bourbonese Qualk, Giancarlo Toniutti - it's a veritable mine of fascination + information...great to dip into whilst spinning the discs / rolling the decks etc.
Produced by Club Moral and available from As essential as ALAP!

Now has anybody thought of compiling old issues of "Just Glittering" & "Idwal Fisher" into one hefty tome? I'd buy it.

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