Saturday, 23 April 2011

Secondhand Record Shops: #9. Jyvaskyla.

Rather like most towns in the UK, Jyvaskyla only has the one independent record shop with a small secondhand section. Jyvaskyla is situated on the banks of Finland's second biggest lake in the area known locally as "The Lake District".
Head to the Sokos department store and hang a right towards the Wankkuri Bar and you will find Levykauppa, a chain store similar to HMV or Fopp but with a sizeable secondhand section. There's a huge selection of Rock vinyl LP's and 1980's chart fodder as well as Suomi rock + pop and "standard" punky new wave. (Clash, Stranglers, UK Subs, Exploited). The secondhand singles brought up the The Joy Of Living/The Apostles 7"EP for only 5 Euros (£4.50 in Gods money) so I left a happy man. There was a tempting Anal Thunder tape, but I left that behind. LP's were priced between 10 and 15 euros.
If for any reason you are in JKL - visiting the Alvar Aalto museum for example - the Levykauppa is worth a browse......and then enjoy a sip in the Wankkuri!

1: Outside the Wankkuri.
2: Levykauppa Store.
2: Levykauppa Store Bag.

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