Thursday, 3 February 2011

BBBlood #3

Just spent a pleasant while listening to the latest release from BBBlood. The excellent "Destroy, Shatter, Stun, Intoxicate" C20 cassette on the American Void Seance label.
Side A: "Syrtis Major" is a crunching wall of noise. Fist clenching, room prowling wall of noise, the kind of noise that is called HNW these days. Side B is the title track and a mammoth (if a ten minute piece can be a mammoth) track. Lots of layering of noise and sound effects, crumbling and rumbling. I have this idea that the track is a complex compilation of studio recordings, bedroom rehearsals and live appearances throughout 2010, a kind of This Heat construction. The varying of levels and quality - just leads me to this idea. Could be wrong....more than likely am. It is a beautiful piece though and puts the tape into the "essential" category.
This tape is limited to 10 copies, so is probably all sold by now. I am surprised that the tape isn't numbered with it being only 10 copies, but I believe them! When I contacted the label a couple of weeks ago they had 2 copies left, although I think Paul (he who is Baron Bum Blood) is going to put this tape on his website for download. Always worth a look.

1: "Destroy, Shatter, Stun, Intoxicate" Sleeve.
2: Label Postcard.

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