Thursday, 20 May 2010

New Shoes

Now it is official - Isabel Frances is a "cruiser".
So we thought it appropriate to get her first pair of shoes. This was celebrated by the shoe store "Clarks" with great reverence. They chose socks to highlight the shoes of our choice and then took pictures of Isabel, presenting us later with a congratulatory card and a "Clarks Growing Feet Record Card" and a tract explaining the infant foot.
Simply buying a pair of shoes is a thing of the past! Should we have organised a "My First Shoes" party? Baked a cake in the shape of a mule? Are we now hooked in to "Clarks" shoes and have to buy there for Isabel's childhood. There'll be reminders in the post I'm sure...
But - Isabel is cruising. She can walk approx. 10 steps unaided before falling on her backside and laughing at the futility of it all - but low lying furniture is her best friend for the now...

Isabel loves her shoes. She sits on the sofa whilst wearing them, staring intently and moving her feet in a clockwise motion.
Life is beautiful.

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