Sunday, 30 May 2010

Haunted Waves, Moving Graves

Just spent a pleasant while listening to the new Current 93 LP "Haunted Waves, Moving Graves" on the Coptic Cat label. Picked up a picture disc copy at the London show on Friday night.
A haunting sound, all to the sound of the sea - one side with looped piano and the other with violin. Excellent ethereal stuff.
I very rarely buy Current 93 releases. I bought the first two, and then nothing until "Lucifer Over London". One of the reasons being that other folk always bought their stuff and taped it for me, and their releases are "hit & miss" (and bloody expensive) at the best of times. This one though is definitely a "hit" and will get many spins....if only they had done material like this on Friday night I might have stayed 'til the end.
Limited to 666 copies - and essential.
If any one out there has a copy of the 7" made from the October gallery recordings and wants to sell - please let me know.

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