Sunday, 23 May 2010

First swim of 2010

A glorious weekend of sunshine here in the South West of England. Took the opportunity to soak up the sun in Sidmouth. Sidmouth is a small town in East Devon, just over an hours drive from Hartop Towers. Nice little town - pebbly beach and enough little curio shops (charity based) and veggie cafes to keep the day tripper happy. I was only there for a couple of hours on the way to watch a cricket match in Tipton St. John so didn't pack the ol' swimming gear. Jealous of those basking in the sea I thought; Right, tomorrow I swim!
Hartop Towers is minutes away from the beach. Albeit a sink estate habited beach this time of year. Tattoos, baseball caps and Brummie accents being the popular choice - oh yeah, and personal soundtracks on mobile 'phones. Still, I had to swim in the sea. The first swim (in the sea) of 2010 and it was glorious. Now the family has a car hopefully I'll get to swim in more pleasant Devon beaches.
Bigbury Calls!!

1: Myself in the Sea. 23/05/10.
2: Sidmouth - and Oscar doing his Genesis P-Orridge face.
3: The family on Sidmouth Esplanade.

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