Sunday, 1 December 2013

Vagina Dentata Organ - The Administration Of Physique

After last years superb releases on Tochnit Aleph and Harbinger Sound Records comes this years Vagina Dentata Organ live document release. To celebrate (and document) the VDO performance at the C.I.A. Gallery in Hong Kong earlier this year in July, the Hong Kong based label Ultra Mail Productions have released the 7" single "The Administration Of Physique".
It's a split single with UK performance art troupe New Noveta who also appeared on the evening. New Noveta is Keira Fox & Ellen Freed whose noise is a harsh wall with frantic screaming. Vagina Dentata Organ brings us smashing glass, cello, rhythmic beating of the drums and chaos. The sounds have been edited / compiled by Michael Gillham and mastered by the master, Phil Julian.  All pressed on lovely clear vinyl. With the 7" comes a 3" DVD - again a split affair with the New Noveta performance and a documentary of the 2012/2013 actions by Vagina Dentata Organ. The VDO footage is compulsive and beautifully shot in black & white and intense colour. Just a shame it only is 11minutes and 11 seconds long.
Initial copies are available as a lavish gatefold box set that includes a hand numbered & signed "mugshot" by Jordi Valls and a collage of detritus that was collected from the C.I.A. Gallery floor post performance. Both are beautifully housed behind glass, but the box does smell - burnt tyre rubber and industrial glue - I haven't found a decent case to display my copy yet, and every time I want to spin the record or admire the artwork I have to light the incense sticks!
Truly is a great artefact, and only 50 of the box set will see the light of day, I do not know the limited number of just 7"/3" DVD. Worth having. For enquiries try E Mailing Wah Yuen at

1: Mugshot.
2: Collage.
3: Gatefold Box (open).
4: DVD.
5: 7" Single Cover.
6: Gatefold Box (closed).

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