Monday, 2 December 2013

Michael Muennich #2

Have been spending a pleasant while listening to the latest release from Hamburg based sound artist Michael Muennich. "Abbitte" (Atonement to us English speakers) is a C22 cassette released by American label Banned Production.
The last Muennich release, "Zum Geleit" was very elemental, very wide open sound and using the elements to create a magnificent sound-piece, side one of "Abbitte" is more "domestic" and leaning towards musique concret. A few weeks ago I was in the house of Muennich and chatting about recording techniques when the door to his living room closed with a slow "creak" … "I have recorded that" said Michael and then went on to describe other places around the house and appliances that he had sampled and used. I am uncertain to whether or not these recordings are on "Abbitte" side one but the sound is very contact microphone based so I can only guess that I can hear the creaking doors, dripping taps, the rummaging through the sock drawer and sizzling mushrooms. Very much in the realm of Spoils & Relics, Mark Durgan and Column One.
I was expecting the same again for side two, and I would not have been disappointed if that was the case, but side two is a psychedelic looped wall of sound that takes me on a journey and never to the same place twice. Out of the blue and incredibly addictive. Think classic Dilloway and it is not far from…..More of this please Mr. Muennich!
Both sides are 10 minutes and a few seconds a piece. A great release. I have no idea about the limitation but try or (in Europe) and bag a copy. Side two is certainly one of the best sounds I have heard this year.

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