Friday, 13 December 2013

MuhMur SoundArt Radio Broadcast: 12/12/2013.

It gives me great pleasure to play the sounds of William A. Davison, mentioned throughout this blog and the last post! Also played a trio of pieces by the recently deceased Aube (Akifumi Nakajima). He died in September this year but news of this is only now appearing on the Internet. Please note the SCKE//. 7" was played at the "wrong" speed, according to Ben of SCKE//, but I disagree .. both sides sound great at 33rpm.
I do not know when the next broadcast will be. The station closes for Xmas and New Year on the 22nd but there still has to be a limit of "live broadcasts" and I have put my name forward so to speak - I have some exclusive Column One & Neil Campbell to share. I shall keep listeners updated via the blog. Last nights show is already uploaded on to MixCloud - fast work…I have just returned from seeing Scooch live in Torquay!

01: Six Heads : "Smaller, Larger, Lighter (Incantation Of The Naugahyde Witch)" (Wantage Records) 2011.
02: Songs Of The New Erotics : "Bobby" (Disembraining Songs) 2006.
03: Gastric Female Reflex : "Untitled #18" (Gold Soundz/Hum Bug/Absurd/Beniffen Editions) 2006.
04: William A. Davison : "New Works Studio" 2005
      (Exclusive piece for MuhMur Radio).
05: Aube : "Reminded Elements" (Kaon) 1997.
06: Spoils & Relics : "Sins Of Omission #1" (Harbinger Sound) 2013.
07: John Duncan : "Workboy" (All Questions Music) 1980.
08: SCKE//. : "Ornaments No. 2" (Kiks/Girlfriend) 2012.
09: Aube : "Into Haze" (EE Tapes) 1998.
10: Medium Medium : "Them Or Me" (Apt Records) 1979.
11: Bodychoke : "Suffer" (Freek Records) 1994.
12: Peter Fengler : Deep Cuts & Auditory Matters 2" (De Player/Les Albums Claus) 2011.
13: Dronaement : "Gestern Nacht" (EE Tapes) 1998.
14: Aube : "Untitled (Using Material From Blazen Y Sharp)" (Solipsism) 1997.

01: Showing my Gastric Female Reflex!
02: William A Davison CDR

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  1. Some crackers on this! Gastric Female Reflex! Spoils! Aube (RIP)!! FENGLER!!!!